Hot Air: Bloom Bash

Bloomington’s elite was out en force last PM at the Tudor Room in IU’s Memorial Union. Luminaries like Congressman Lee Hamilton, Bob Arnove, Nancy Hiller, Doug Wissing, WFHB Board prez Emily Jackson, the poet Cathy Bowman, Mayor John Hamilton, law prof Dawn Johnsen, boss of the Bloomington Economic Development Corp. Lynn Coyne, playwrights Dr. Gladys DeVane and Liz Mitchell, political maven Charlotte Zietlow, and authors Scott Russell Sanders and James Alexander Thom were part of a veritable who’s who in our town.

The event: Bloom magazine’s 11th anniversary bash, hosted by publisher Malcolm Abrams, assisted by his lieutenants, assoc. publisher Jaime Sweany and managing ed. Carmen Siering.

The highlight from this vantage point — besides the fist-sized shrimps I was tempted to grab by the…, well, fistful — was the bestowal of a Bloomie award on The Loved One for her design of the Book Corner’s ad back in December. Abrams tossed the plaques out at what he and his gang determined were the year’s ten best advertisements and designers. Said he, “These are the best ads we’ve ever had.”

Now, normally I wouldn’t shill for this kind of dealio but, sue me, I’m proud as hell of TLO. Her design, featuring a slew of books related to fire — Fahrenheit 451 and Catching Fire, for example — served as a platform for the announcement that the venerable bookseller on the square was back in biz after a November mini-blaze wrecked its inventory.

Plus, my mate looked flat-out hot as flames in a little black dress. How she wound up with a schlub like me is a mystery I’ve yet to unravel.

Oh, and I caught some real good gossip about IU’s major sportsball coaches, ex- and current. I can’t share it here but if I like and trust you and you put the muscle on me on the street should you run into me, I just might share it.

One more thing: This communications colossus (The Pencil, that is) inspired one attendee to toss perhaps the best compliment ever my way. This person, a longtime Pencillista, said, “Every morning I get up, go online and say to myself, ‘I haven’t got time for this nonsense,’ but I’ll be damned, every morning I read it and every morning it’s got something good in it.”

That’ll do re: carnival barking and advertisements for myself for the next few months, no?

Sun Sermon

Here are a few links to yesterday’s Big Talk interview with astronomer Caty Pilachowski from Indiana University. Fun — and vital — stuff. Vital, that is, if you have any interest in preserving your ability to see post-eclipse.

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