Hot Air: Bad Luck; Bad Press

The Best Laid Plans

At long last, I’d been able to synchronize my Big Talk radio episode with the publication of the Limestone Post story about the week’s guest.

I was so excited!

And then the gods of mischief conspired to make it not happen. My WFHB radio interview with Kate Hess Pace, founder of Hoosier Action, didn’t run yesterday afternoon due to technical difficulties.


Anyway, my written piece on her did indeed run in the Limestone Post. We’re hoping the radio interview will run next week, Thursday, during the 5:00pm Daily Local News.

Until then, you can read, re-read, and read a third time the LP opus.

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New Blood

So Darryl Neher has dropped out of the running for the vacant seat on Bloomington city council caused by the retirement of Tim Mayer.

[Sims Image: Bloom Magazine/Rodney Margison]

I’m guessing that throws the door wide open for Jim Sims, president of the local NAACP chapter, among other titles and hats. In fact, let’s let Jim himself tell you who he is (from his statement to the Democratic caucus that will select Mayer’s replacement Monday):

I currently serve as a Utilities Service Board member, Chair of Second Baptist Church Trustee Board, Van Buren 2 Democratic Precinct Chair and as President – Monroe County NAACP. I have also served on numerous boards, commissions, committees and other organizations in our community for over 25 years, many in various positions of leadership. I will provide written details of my long-term public service participation and experiences at the August 21st Call to Caucus.

Jim’s bona fides include, I’m not shy to say, the color of his skin. Says he:

I believe, and have heard from many supportive folks in our community, that our city and our council is ready for a qualified candidate of color which reflects the progressive, inclusive and social justice leanings of the Monroe County Democratic Party.

This moment in history is perfect for our town to make a statement. Do the right thing, Dem Caucus!

Sheep In Wolves’ Clothing

President Gag proved beyond a shadow of a doubt he is the most unqualified, incompetent chief executive in the history of this holy land when he turned in that fiasco of a performance at Tuesday’s now-infamous press conference.

We’re all agreed. But here’s a takeaway that just might have slipped past your eye. The reporters hurtling questions at him demonstrated that one quality of the American news media I despise most: Pack journalism.

Reporters hurled questions at him willy-nilly, assaulting him from all sides, not allowing him to finish his answers, aiming not for truth or illumination but that dramatic, career-enhancing gotcha moment.

I hate it and I hate them for doing it.

Where Were They Last Year?

This is the same gang that allowed Li’l Duce to get away with murder during his presidential campaign because…, well, no one else is challenging him and I don’t wanna be the one who stands out like a sore thumb.

Pack journalism. Run with the crowd. Don’t embarrass yourself.


Had a plucky reporter or two raised her or his hand every time the future P. Gag lied, intentionally misspoke, insulted, or otherwise issued toxic effluvium from his face hole back in, say, June, 2016, we might not be sitting here, the newly christened clown car of the entire planet.

Now, though, with the current occupant of the White House about as welcome on the scene as a case of genital herpes, every reporter wants to get her/his licks in.

It’s too late, kids.


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