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History’s repeating. As it always does.

To wit: Back in 2008 when my guy Barack Obama won the presidency scads of Americans were aghast. The very presence of Obama in the White House appalled and terrified them.

It was as though the world had been turned upside down. People walked around in a daze at the very first, and then that dizziness turned to rage. “That’s not my president,” many said. Commentators and wags pledged to do everything they could to hinder him. Some of the loudest voices shrieked that they hoped he’d fail.

All of which, in turn, appalled us Obama-ites. How dare they speak in such disloyal terms? We called them unpatriotic. Which was funny because, for most of us, patriotism had never before been a goal or a compliment. Suddenly, we were flag-wavers, defenders of The Man. The New Man.

Then, seemingly in the snap of a finger, it’s today. And now we’re the ones spewing the exact same things! Simply switch President Gag’s name for Barack Obama’s in the above grafs and, like magic, 2009 becomes 2017.

Not-My-President, Versions I & II

Now, before knee-jerk dissenters smirk and say, See? It must be noted we of the disloyal, unpatriotic, anti-Li’l Duce bent are fermisht because the object of our appallment is a misogynist, white supremacist, anti-intellectual, almost certainly pathologically narcissistic greed monkey who thus far has attempted with varying degrees of success to dismantle nearly all the social and legal advances our holy land has made in the last half century.

The fellow whom 2009’s tongue-clickers and hell-raisers couldn’t bear to think of as their leader was perhaps the single most centrist human being ever to ascend to the apex of this democratic republic/empire’s political pecking order. So, no, that couldn’t have been it. Must have been something else.

The more things stay the same, the more they change.

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