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Public Service Announcement: State Road 46 is a chocolate mess from just past the Brown County line almost all the way into Nashville. The county is doing that patented Indiana cheapskate repaving job — cover the road surface with a fresh oil emulsion, dump sharp gravel over that, and let traffic for the next couple of weeks mash it into the existing asphalt. This method is known as “oil & stone.” Most locales have moved on from it, but not Indiana.

The SR running alongside Chez Big Mike got the same treatment a few years back. It ain’t pleasant.

So, if you have to take SR 46 to N-ville soonly, your hot rod’s finish’ll be dinged and all your filters will be nicely plugged up. Thanks, Brown County!

Tilford (R) with Wife, Polly, and son, Aaron

Intelligence Speak

I wrapped up a swell Big Talk interview yesterday afternoon with Col. John Tilford, 2012 candidate for US Congress and perhaps this area’s most ardent advocate for veterans’ concerns.

The Col. is a Vietnam vet and one of the most lovable army guys you’ll ever meet. And he’s a dedicated Democrat to boot.

We talk about his life and how he wound up being the key US Army intelligence figure for the Afghanistan neighborhood during the lead up to our lengthy war there. Tilford tells how the big boy decision makers in the Pentagon and the White House once in a great while even listened to him.

My edited interview with him will run Thursday during the 5:00pm Daily Local News on WFHB, 91.3 FM, and then the unedited whole shebang will be up on this global communications colossus the next AM. Stayed tuned here for links and reminders, etc.

Talk later.

Dear Leaders

Speaking of politicians, I caught a great line from an aspiring statesperson yesterday. I can’t reveal who uttered it but it fits better than OJ Simpson’s bloody glove (old school ref., for all you youngsters out there.)

Here it is:

Politicians are the perfect combination of a used car salesman and a televangelist. They raise money. They convince you to buy something. And they assume you’re stupid.

As long as you understand the above, future election days won’t be so shocking anymore.


You’ve gotta check this out: Information Is Beautiful has broken down a number of “based on a true story” Hollywood movies in terms of how historically accurate they are. And it’s turned the data into neat graphics, as the site is wont to do.

I’ve already railed herein against Hollywood’s mangling of facts and how it has perverted our national sense of reality. This graphic only bolsters my point:


I mentioned Hardee’s fast food outlet the other day, the context of which was I’ve never eaten there and consequently haven’t the foggiest idea what’s on its menu.

As a result, I got this missive from a loyal Pencillista:

Wanted to let you know that I think Hardee’s has the best tasting hamburgers of all the fast food joints. I don’t go too often because there aren’t as many of them on the road (traveling is usually when we partake) as there are Burger King, Wendy’s and Taco Bell. Their specialty is a really good burger. Now, I don’t know how they do it, but it probably has to do with all those things that aren’t too good for us!


Okay, then. Hardee’s sells hamburgers. Now I know.

The Monster Thickburger: 1400 Calories, 170 Grams Fat

Horse Tale

For all you Indiana University partisans who have become Chicago Cubs fans because of Kyle Schwarber (who might well become the next Jim Thome or Harmon Killebrew), there exists a sulky-pulling nag named after the lumpy left fielder. The horse, owned by Dr. Patrick Graham of Pittsfield, Illinois, ran regularly at Hawthorne Race Course during its recently concluded harness season.

And he won a number of times!

Here’s the dope sheet line for the equine Schwarber in this past Sunday’s 2017 Hawthorne finale:

[h/t to gentleman farmer Luke Rose]






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