Hot Air: More Friday Fun

One Less Bus Driver

Mayor John Hamilton is experiencing a type of frisson this AM that should be enjoyed in private. Or something.

He’s all agog over that driverless bus experiment happening as we speak on Kirkwood Avenue. The street will be closed off at Indiana Avenue through 4pm today.

Truth is, it’s more than a simple experiment — it’s a sales pitch, what with electric bikes and horseless carriage replicas on display. All this is being done for your benefit, goes the tacit tagline.

Me? I hope the idiotic thing smashes into Kilroy’s on Kirkwood (hurting no one in the process). Driverless buses be damned. Hamilton says they’re our future; I say they’re just another way to put people out of work.

Walk Softly

Everybody’s favorite US Army colonel, John Tilford, was my guest on Big Talk yesterday.

Tilford and his commanding officer, Polly


If you think you know all about army guys, you might want to give a listen. Sure, my take always has been if you want to win a war, your bastards had better be meaner than the enemy’s bastards. But there’s plenty of room in this holy land’s armed forces for a decent human being such as the Col.

Go here for the WFHB feature with him and here for the uncut, original interview I did with him Tuesday.

Big Talk is a regular Thursday feature of WFHB‘s Daily Local News.


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