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Yes, I’m depressed. Yes, I’m discouraged. I have been since November 8, 2016.

And, yes, I still can’t believe it. Sure, I would have been bummed out if Mitt Romney copped the election in ’12 or John McCain in ’08. I would have survived, though. I was down at the mouth when George W. Bush was “elected” in 2000. I survived that. Most of us did.

Except the 110,000-650,000 human beings who lost their lives in the Second Gulf War Bush and his aiders and abettors conned us into.

Still, this democratic-republic still stands. Although once President Gag gets finished…, well, I just don’t know.

In any case, a guy came into the bookstore today and purchased a New York Times. I kidded him along, saying, “Such a beautiful day and you want to go ruin it all by reading the paper.”

And, suddenly, this man turned into a philosopher.

He said, “There’s nothing new in there.”

And I’m thinkin’, Whuh?

I mean, President Gag’s cabinet secretaries are dropping like flies, special prosecutors are closing in on everybody around him, he’s insulting the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico because she’s asking for help for her hurricane-ravaged city, and, hell, he and Kim Jong-un are minutes away from nuking each other into cinders.

And there’s nothing new in there?

“No,” there guy said. And then he explained:

Do we have 500,00 troops fighting in a war overseas?

Is there rioting in the streets?

Are there assassinations every few months?

Are we on the brink of a civil war?

That’s what was going on 50 years ago.

That’s what was in the newspapers then.

Newark, 1967

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And you know what? He’s right.

Just the tonic I needed for these discouraging days.


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