Hot Air: Lightning Hits

When Normalcy Returns

I’m just assuming that one day in the foreseeable future we’ll again have a president and an administration that don’t stun us with their childishness, their pettiness, their ignorance, and their thin skin every single goddamned day of the week.

Will we become bored then?

Then & Now

I noticed the other day that gasoline had hit $2.79 a gallon. Quite a jump from a few months ago when, IIRC, the price-per had dipped, albeit briefly, below two bucks.

It made me think of Nov. 2009, eight years ago exactly, when Barack Obama stood at the same point in his new presidency as the Bad Man who holds the same office today. Similarly, gas prices had leapt during O’s first year.

Social media went wild with people shrieking that the rise in the cost of motion lotion was due solely to the presence of BHO in the White House and, further, was concrete proof that he was a (pick one):

  • Communist
  • Kenyan
  • Muslim mole
  • Secret homosexual
  • Cocaine addict

This year? Those same people have been oddly quiet.


The governor of a state tweeting prayers in the aftermath of tragedy is code for, “Ain’t nothin’ I can do for ya.”


Neighborhood/town/city/country reels after shooting/bombing/flood/tornado/hurricane is journalists’ code for “I left my Roget’s at home today.”

The Real Heroes

I’m sure those mourning their murdered loved ones are feeling quite a tad better this AM knowing that Sarah Silverman and Britney Spears have chimed in on yesterday’s mass shooting in Texas.

Hack Writer

As for Donna Brazile’s book, it’s best to keep in mind the raisons d’etre for any and all political books written by candidates, operatives, or power brokers are to portray the authors as extraordinarily perceptive and heroic and/or to absolve them of sin.


So, the “antifa apocalypse,” AKA the civil war-cum-overthrow that was scheduled to begin Saturday, per Fox News, Alex Jones’ InfoWars, and every other lunatic-run “news” organization in this holy land didn’t come off.

My, my, my…, how to explain that? Oh, yes! It was the president himself who thwarted it!

Don’t ask how. It’s best not to ask too many questions at all. Just sleep tightly now, kids.

Fire & Rain

Lots of folks have been lamenting the lack of fall colors this year, with some of them attributing it to our rainless summer and early fall.

Let me assure you, the colors yesterday were out in…, well, Technicolor™, for pity’s sake. The Loved One and I motored through Brown County State Park, then out to Columbus, and finally through Seymour and back toward civilization via State Roads 50 and 446. The colors were vivid.

Enjoy them now when you have the chance.

As we sped westward in SR 50, brilliant, jarring flashes of lightning exploded in the distance. TLO, no fan of threatening weather, immediately whipped out her smartphone and put herself in touch with every meteorological service known to humankind. “Tornado warning,” she announced, somberly.

Sure enough, when we turned north on 446, the skies opened up, the winds howled, and atom bomb blast thunderclaps buffeted us. We had to pull over for long minutes. The wind not only rocked our hot rod from left to right but at certain moments, up and down.

I loved it. She didn’t.

Anyway, here are some color images and a shot of the deluge.

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