Hot Air: Hit ‘Er Where It Hurts



Yeah, President Gag, you’re a real perspicacious fellow: Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is a slut who tried to whore herself to you when she needed money a few years back.

After all, isn’t that what all women are (and do), when all is said and done?


Scads o’folks are aghast at Li’l Duce‘s latest tweet storm. Isn’t this, they wonder, the last straw, the ultimate over-the-top piece of evidence that our Dick-in-Chief is a madman/bad guy?

Um, no. As I mentioned recently, he’s a genius*1, inasmuch as just about everything that spews from his facehole or that emanates from his dumb-as-he-is*2 smartphone is chewed up, swallowed, and digested with sheer gusto by that certain swath of the populace whose lineage’s evolutionary progress was stunted some time around the European Famine and Black Death era.

P. Gag speaks to his base*3 like no other politician of the last half century-plus. Perhaps only this fellow could rival him:

[ *1 Evil variety.]

[ *2 His smartphone’s excuse: It’s an inanimate object.]

[ *3 And I do mean base.]

Look At That Stupid Girl

BTW: Fox News coverage leads with the “lightweight” insult. In other words, yeah, this silly little child is annoying our Big Daddy T now.

Slavery’s Still With Us

My old pal, former Clox bassist and unapologetic reader of books, John Spencer Bergman, pitches in on yesterday’s post wherein I marveled that the feds in Homeland Security were in on a hooker bust in Chi. last week.

The big city sex trade biz, Bergman reminds me, is rife with young women and girls from Third World locales who’ve either been kidnapped or defrauded into indentured servitude. Ergo, DHS is involving itself more and more in such cases.

Still, the sense I get is the poor young females who’ve been dragged into these circumstances are being criminalized rather than, for lack of a better word, rescued.

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