Hot Air: Cold Response

Headline in this AM’s Herald-Times:

Crews Battle Ice

Reaction from this reader:

Oh yeah?!

A spy tells me that at approximately 4:00pm, smack dab in the middle of the snow and ice storm yesterday, what appeared to be a whole fleet of snowplows and salt trucks remained parked in the Streets and Sanitation garage, even as the fat flakes fell, the wind howled,  and the streets remained slick as ice skating rinks. Oh, and while cars from one end of this metropolis to the other were fishtailing, slipping, sliding, skidding, and otherwise having a hell of a time stopping and going.

All I know is I drove from the eastern outskirts of Bloomington into downtown at about noon and saw a grand total of zero plows and salt trucks on the streets the whole way in.

Question for the mayor: Whose decision was it to keep the trucks out of service and, when you find out, how soon afterward will you fire that person?

Then again, this is the town that puts sweaters on trees rather than on homeless people.

The Fourth Estate

BTW, the H-T doubled down on its task as Mayor Hamilton’s PR machine and ran this hed on the paper’s website:

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