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A rich man is nothing but a poor man with money.

— W.C. Fields

A joke. Sure. But also something more. A truth.

Problem is, not enough people take it as a truth. They think rich men are something greater than the rest of us. It’s that kind of thinking that gave us our current president.

Poli Talk

My guest this afternoon on Big Talk will be outspoken Indiana University political science professor Jeff Isaac. We had a rollicking time in the studio. I’m telling you, he and I ought to be a comedy team or, at the very least, a talk radio duo that tops whatever time slot we’re in.

Tune in at 5:30pm on WFHB, 91.3 FM or come back here tomorrow AM for the podcast link.

He Told The World What He Was Going To Do

Another school massacre. We’re not even shocked by this madness anymore.

I checked in with my sister who lives down in Florida, not far from Parkland. Last night around 8:00pm, I asked if she knows of anybody who has kids who attend that Stoneman Douglas HS where 17 were killed yesterday. She said one of her co-workers has a couple of grandkids who go there. Even at that late hour, nobody knew if the those grandkids were safe or not.

All I could think about was how parents and grandparents and all other loved ones of Stoneman Douglas kids must be going out of their minds with worry. That’s trauma as well, above and beyond the bullet wounds that some kids suffered.

Is it too much to ask that whenever somebody like this alleged shooter, some kid named Cruz, makes clear and dangerous threats over the internet (as he reportedly did) then some authority somewhere would have to visit him, check up on his mental state, AND MAKE FUCKING GODDAMNED SURE HE’S NOT PACKING HEAT!

That’s all. That’s a start.

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