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The Hours

I mean, honestly, how can you not love Dotty Sharp to pieces? Here’s her social media reminder to us to set our clocks ahead Saturday night.

A Patti Smith PSA.


Guns, the 2nd Amendment fetishists tell us, are necessary tools for the common citizenry to resist the scourge of tyranny.

Blue-collar philosopher George Bull wonders: What if President Gag’s recent musing about being president for life comes true — would those gun worshippers who’ve been gaga for him then have to switch gears and use their shootin’ irons to overthrow him?

Make up your minds, boys.

Beauty And The Beasts

The Loved One and I took another of our Sunday drives yesterday, trekking up to Cataract Falls, just outside Cloverdale.

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While driving through some of the small towns (some more hamlets than anything else) on US 231, we passed a lot of homes that had American flags, blue-striped flags, Don’t Tread on Me flags, camo vehicles, and other such indicators that they think the dark-skinned hordes are just over the nearest rise, ready to pounce. I’ll bet plenty of these folks have shotguns and other firearms all cleaned up, oiled up, loaded, and ready to fire just as soon as the first invader pokes her or his head around the fat pin oak out back.

I just don’t get it. These people live out on the middle of nowhere. Crime doesn’t affect them because — for chrissakes — nobody lives around them! They don’t have to worry about muggings or break-ins or even car alarms going off in the middle of the night. Gangbangers aren’t shooting wildly at each other in the street outside their living room window.

Occasionally a skunk gets run over and they’ll have to smell it for the next few days until the turkey vultures pick its carcass clean.

These people face no goddamned threats, yet they’re armed to the teeth and they’re in thrall to a son of a bitch who got elected president by telling them their fears — their paranoias — are absolutely justified.

Like I said, I don’t get it.

Only He

Alright, I’m going to come right out and say it — only President Gag could be capable of agreeing to a summit with Kim Jong-un. It’s a completely gonzo move and would be absolutely beyond the ken of any previous president — or any putative president who might have garnered more popular and electoral votes than Li’l Duce in 2016. And, really, this is the kind of thing he was thinking about when he uttered that famous, fatuous line, Only I can fix it.

I still detest the man and resent every single one of the 63 million knuckleheads who voted for him but if this meeting produces anything positive — and it might, it just might — well, at least we’ll have gotten something out of this dark time in our holy land’s history.


One thought on “Hot Air: Daylight

  1. Michael Wilkerson says:

    Michael, Listent to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity on your way to and from Cataract Falls and you’ll “get it.” It’s a steady diet of fear and paranoia and self-identification as victims of a gigantic gay, black, leftist, government-controlling juggernaut that of course doesn’t really exist but is terrifyingly real in their radio-conditioned minds.

    By giving up on Unions and on the working class, and not trying to either create a genuine alternative media or restoring the fairness doctrine, the Democrats have handed these people’s minds and votes to the right wing of the GOP for decades to come.

    If you spend a week without social media, internet news, NPR, or the New York Times, limiting yourself to what they have — Fox, CNN, USA Today and twice weekly local newspapers — you’ll see why they view the world the way they do.

    Wish there was an easy answer to this….thanks for bringing it up.

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