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Birther 2.0

The way I feel right now makes me think of how the Obama haters felt from 2008 through…, well, the day the very last one of them dies. You know, how they doubted Barack was born in this country.

I have serious doubts whether President Gag was born on this planet.


Yesterday was one of those March days that promise the beauty and warmth of spring, of better, brighter, longer days. I motored out to Madison, Indiana to work in that picturesque river town’s library, starting out early AM, with the rising sun warming the cabin of my Prius hot rod so much I even had to crack the window a bit.

I’ve loved Madison ever since the first time The Loved One and I passed through it in the fall of 2016. I’ve returned several times and, oddly, each visit has been on a gloomy, bone-chilling Sunday, which nevertheless frames its own unique brand of prettiness. But, as I say, yesterday was gloriously March-ish. The midday sky was so blue and gorgeous that it almost made my heart hurt. Madison sits on the narrow flood plain between the wide Ohio River and a wall of spectacular rises, perhaps a couple of hundred feet high, to the north. A number of homes have been built atop those rises, offering owners — the lucky dogs — undoubtedly memorable views of the stately river and the hills of Kentucky across it.

Madison, BTW, is the home of my second fave bookseller on this planet, Village Lights Bookstore, owned by former Bloomingtonians Nathan Montoya and Anne Vestuto.

Anyway, I felt compelled to take a few pix, just to capture that deep blue sky, especially against some of the vividly colorful structures in town. Madison, I’ve learned, is the site of this holy land’s largest contiguous National Historic Landmark district. The businesses and homes around downtown M. have been lovingly preserved, most of them, apparently, going up during the heyday of the American river economy back in the 19th Century. Honestly, I’d be thrilled to move there, especially now that the town has built a modest yet comely riverwalk.

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Getting It

Back to Li’l Duce: It just may be that he’s coming around to realizing the Russkies really are dangerous jerks, what with the recent revelation that Putin’s hackers have figured out how to worm their way into US utilities plants, including nuclear power generating stations.

The truth may be that prior to right about now whenever P. Gag heard the word Russian, he went into default defensive mode, thinking the reference could only have meant his “election” was tainted. Y’know, because — as has been proven time and again — Li’l Duce only sees things through a narcissist’s lens. Perhaps he’s been smacked over the head enough times now by the likes of his chief of staff and a few other sane people around him that Putin’s Russians think about one or two things other than him on occasion. Like, How can we eff America up in case our two countries get into a dangerous stare-down?

BTW: Those revelations I referred to in Graf 1? They were announced by none other than the Faux Fascist’s own White House.

BTW II: You know that Pennsylvania congressional district, historically Republican, that just flipped Dem this week? P. Gag won it by 20 freaking points in 2016, acc’d’g to 538’s Nate Silver.

Maybe — just maybe — the Li’l Duce era indeed will be the bump in the road and not the road itself after all. Fingers X’d.

Tit For Tat

Back to those Russian hackers: Don’t go around chewing your fingernails to the bone worrying about how poor little America is being horribly abused by Putin’s spooks, moles, and computer geeks. Guaranteed, we’ve been doing the exact same thing to them — and quite possibly even more elaborately — for years.

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