Hot Air: The Power & The Worry

Upper Hand

So, the new status symbol, the new badge of celebrity honor, is being able to make Snapchat’s stock tumble by criticizing the dying social media dragon.

Hmm. CEOs and boards of directors all across our holy land are on their knees praying to their false gods that 30-ish celebs aren’t fingering their outfits to become the new hip target.

Better Late Than Never

My guest on last week’s Big Talk was research scientist Heather Bradshaw, whose specialty is lipids — or what we laypeople like to call fats. Both pot and olive oil contain lipids that may be surprisingly (or not) beneficial to us, should those particular fats be precisely identified and synthesized. The news these days is filled with stories — some even accurate — about the wonder drugs that may  arise from weed. Bradshaw cautions us to at least delay throwing a victory party for medical marijuana, at least for a few hours until she and her global allies in the lab figure things out a tad more exactly. Olive oil, though, HB reveals, has been proven to ward off osteoporosis in aging women. Cool, huh?


Here’s the link to the podcast of my interview with Bradshaw.

Next week on Big Talk, tech innovator, entrepreneur, and angel investor Pat East. Tune in every Thursday at 5:30pm on WFHB, 91.3 FM.

Killing Machine

Well, you knew it had to happen sooner or later:

This high-tech road fatality, the first of its kind in history, doesn’t mean we’ll be giving up on self-driving hot rods anytime soon. Hell, our human-driven crates kill some 40,000 of us a year in this holy land and we’re not anywhere near giving up our Corvettes or 30-year-old Yugos. BTW: the Vietnam War death toll for American soldiers, when all was said and done, reached just 58,000 and we consider that one of our great national tragedies. The 40-thou that we crush, decapitate, puncture, and otherwise rub out every single goddamned year are considered…, well, they’re not really considered at all anymore, are they?

We humans have an amazing capacity to blind ourselves to uncomfortable realities.

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