Hot Air: Friday Fidgeting

Wisconsin — y’gotta love it.

And, y’know what? I still miss The Onion‘s fabulous USA Today graphics takeoffs. Hell, I still miss The Onion‘s hard copies, period. More than anything, I miss a world where The Onion was more outrageous and shocking than reality. That ain’t today’s world, babies.


The lesson here: It pays to be an asshole.

To wit: The life and success of a fellow named Jordan Peterson.

Here’s a clip from the profile the New York Times ran about him this AM:

He is also very successful. His book, “12 Rules for Life,” which was published in January, has sold more than 1.1 million copies. Thanks to his YouTube channel, he makes more than $80,000 a month just on donations. Hundreds of thousands of people have taken his online personality tests and self-improvement writing exercises. The media covers him relentlessly.

In short, Peterson’s message is men are better than women, there’s no such thing as white privilege, and H.L. Mencken was right: “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.” It should be noted, though, that Peterson does not intend to convey that last item. Nevertheless, it’s true, true, true.

As if we hadn’t had that truism hammered into our skulls with the 2016 election.

Bloomington’s Richey History

As advertised in my previous post, yesterday was Big Talk/Big Mike’s B-town doubleheader day. Historic preservationist Derek Richey got the B. Mike treatment. Go here for yesterday’s Big Talk episode and here for the Limestone Post piece on him.

Now then, what’s in the hopper for this global communications colossus? Next week’s Big Talk features New York Times bestselling author Michael Koryta. My next BM’s B-town will focus on jazz geek David Brent Johnson. As for the rest of the weeks leading up either to my timely demise or the end of the world, well, fortune will provide me ideas — and, hey, maybe you will too. Suggestions for either my WFHB show or my LP column will always be welcomed.

Talk soon.

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