Hot Air: An Explosive Silence

So, several bombs have been either mailed or dropped off to the bete noires of the paranoiac, lunatic Right: the Clintons, Barack Obama, and George Soros.

Not much is known about these terrorist acts as of this writing.

A pipe bomb like this was hand-delivered to Soros’ home.

I do know this, though: President Gag will say nothing about them today.

In fact, I’m setting the over/under for his first utterance on the incidents at three days. So he won’t comment about them at all until Saturday. That is, if he follows his normal M.O. The Saudi rubbing out of journalist Jamal Kashoggi, for example, was a non-event in his eyes for many long days

It took the few sane people in his admin. that long to convince him the President of the United States ought to at least say something about the assassination, considering the Saudis are our dearest pals and we supply them with tons and tons of weapons with which they can slay civilians in Yemen and other locales. Hell, they may be prone to employ our American-made guns & ammo on their own folks should the need arise. The Saudi Royal Family, like all such bloodliners, is far more interested in maintaining absolute power and wealth than in trivial nonsense like the continued health and free speech of their citizenry.

Okay then, anybody who picks today, tomorrow or Friday as the day Li’l Duce mealy-mouthedly condemns the bomb senders — and the President-on-a-technicality actually does say something — wins a lifetime subscription to this global communications colossus.

Sweet Music

I just discovered a neat little band producing some sweet sounds reminiscent of a shotgun marriage between Julee Cruise and Brian Eno with a touch of sunshine pop thrown in. The band is called LDYCP.

Do yourself a favor and check ’em out.

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