Hot Air: Cows & Gangs

Bumper sticker I saw yesterday on a Subaru — natch, this is Bloomington, right? — at 3rd & the Bypass:

When I See Cows I Make an Announcement to the Rest of the Car that There Are Cows!


Well, the teams have been set for next year’s mayoral beauty pageant. It’ll be the upstart Amanda Barge challenging the reigning champeen John Hamilton.

This being B-town, the May Democratic primary tussle between the two will be the de facto election. Our town hasn’t had a Republican mayor since December 31st, 1971. Inauguration day around these parts is always Jan. 1.

So that’s 46, going on 47 years of one-party rule hereabouts. Sheesh. We’ve gone from Frank McCloskey to Tomi Allison to John Fernandez to Mark Kruzan and now to Hizzoner. That’s half a dozen Dems in a row and how much do you wanna bet the seventh, no matter who it may be, will also come from that side of the fence.

Hamilton & Barge in happier days.

Even though I personally haven’t voted for a Republican for any office, be it local, state, or national, since the Grand Old Party opted to oppose the Equal Rights Amendment, I still believe it’s a shame that we live in a place where one gang has an undisputed monopoly.

I’ll be supporting Amanda in the primary and I’d vote for her against any Republican but a healthy democracy needs a strong, principled opposition. Sadly, even if this town were able to produce a viable Rep.  candidate, I’d have to shy away from her/him for being even nominally associated with the baboon at the top.

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