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Back when Big Talk was but an eight-minute feature on WFHB‘s Daily Local News, I had as a guest Carp Combs, the plainspoken, outspoken trustee for Perry Township. Carp — given name Dan — never shies away from controversy and is refreshingly open about his own personal growth as a human and a politician. He seemed such a compelling potential interview that I pitched him as the subject of my very first Big Mike’s B-town in Limestone Post. Read it here.

Anyway, it occurs to me that radio listeners never got a chance to hear the bulk of my sit-down w/ Combs so today I’m fixing that.

Carp Combs

Tune in this afternoon at 5:30pm on WFHB, 91.3 FM, for Big Talk with — yep — Dan “Carp” Combs and learn, among many other things, how he earned the sobriquet, “The Great White Carp Hunter.”

History, Repeating

Radio & TV Marti is this holy land’s set of propaganda organs directed at our once-again mortal enemies, the Cubans.

You may recall that under former Pres. B. Obama relations with the island nation warmed to the point that Americans no longer had to sneak through Canada to get their hands on huge swags of Cuba’s good-as-gold cigars. Once Li’l Duce took over, everything Obama’d ever done was reversed so Cuba’s back to being terra non grata. This even though old man Fidel has been dead and gone since November, 2016.

I’d always figured that once Castro turned in his membership card, we and Cuba would became the bosomest of buds again, as we were back in the glory days of Fulgencia Batista and Meyer Lansky. I mean, if there’s a place in this 21st Century ripe for the organized crime and tin pot dictators to pick, Cuba’d be it. Think of the scene in The Godfather Part II where, on the rooftop of the Hotel Nacional, Lansky and the rest of America’s top hoodlums carve up a cake in the shape of the island.

Scene from “The Godfather: Part II”

Somehow, though, President Gag has not devoted himself and his cronies to the venal possibilities lying in wait for such greed-monkeys. Apparently, P. Gag’s pathological hatred for BHO…, well, trumps his desire to squeeze every tainted penny out of every corner of this eminently exploitable blue marble.

Anyway, Radio & TV Marti is back to hitting Cubans on the head, telling them how horrible everything under Fidel’s bro, Raul, is, and how in America the streets are paved with gold and the citizenry is so enamored with trickle-down economics that hundreds of thousands of them — even millions — are willing to live lives without sufficient nutrition, adequate health care, or roofs over their heads.

Radio & TV Marti also seems to be borrowing a page from Individual 1’s personal bible of innuendo, animus, bias, and supremacy. Last May, for instance, the broadcaster characterized Democratic Party contributor and bete noir archvillain to the Lunatic Right, George Soros, as “a Jew of flexible morals.”

Goldang, that line’d make Joe Goebbels beam.

In fact, the Hitler gang was even mentioned specifically by R&TV M. The islamization of Europe, it said, is a threat “greater than that from the Nazis in the 1940s.”

This most recent diminishment of the evil that was embodied by the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei is part of a longstanding effort by way too many in the Grand Old Party to legitimize the mid-20th Century scourge. Take, for instance, Pat Buchanan‘s pronouncements, back when Nixon’s former speechwriter was thought worthy of attention, that America fought on the wrong side in World War II.

The evil that is Donald J. Trump has been festering in the Republican Party for decades.

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