Hot Air: Midwest Gal …

… Woman Of The World

Zaineb Istrabadi calls herself a “midwest gal.” She was born in England, raised in Baghdad, lived a large chunk of her adult life in New York City but, still, she considers our acreage of flyover country home.

Zaineb Istrabadi

She teaches Arabic at Indiana University and has been an active member of our community for nearly 20 years. In keeping with the Big Talk tradition of asking first questions, I posed this one to Zaineb: Who’s an Arab?

Everybody knows what an Arab is, right? Ixnay. The day I had her in the studio, I’d asked at least a dozen friends and acquaintances what — or, more properly, who — an Arab is. None could answer to any degree of certitude.

She’s my guest on this week’s Big Talk and my profile of her runs today in the Limestone Post.

Go here for the Big Talk podcast and here for the magazine piece.

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