Hot Air: Dragging It Out

[Update: As of 9:00am, Tuesday, April 2, 2019, Amanda’s post apparently has been removed.]

[Update 2: As of 10:12am, Tuesday, April 2, 2019, Amanda’s post had reappeared on Facebook.]

For Pencillistas who are not Facebook geeks or are not FB “friends” of Amanda Barge: She posted this comment on the social medium last night at approximately 10:18pm.

My friends,

One week ago, the Indiana Daily Student printed a narrative with an unprecedented number of personal details and lies about me. I suspended my mayoral campaign for my family’s well-being. I have received two death threats (thank you BPD and Monroe Cty Sheriff) and couldn’t send my kids to school.

So we retreated to reflect. To reflect on the pain our community is feeling. To reflect on how to move forward. To take care of those around us.

Please don’t take my silence as giving up.

Please don’t take my silence as lack of accountability.

Please don’t take my silence as acceptance of what was said or done.

I haven’t even started fighting. Or telling people my experience about the article or the campaign.

I have been silent because I needed to take care of my loved ones and myself. And the seriousness of what has happened breaks my heart for local politics and is cheapened by social media posts. So I just took a break and spent time in real life.

I have a lot to say. You will be hearing from me over the coming days and you’ll be seeing texts, emails and other things to refute the narrative. I’m not on a social media timeline because I want to be careful with my words and make sure you see the absolute truth, not some version of it.

Thanks to the hundreds of people who have reached out. Thanks for believing me and loving our family. Thanks to those who I didn’t even know who have become friends. I hear you and I promise to keep fighting, and serving and to keep being big hearted and compassionate and offering second (and third) chances to everyone.



The sons of bitches who sent Amanda death threats or otherwise menaced or slandered her ought to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. And after they’re convicted of their infantile offenses, they ought to be shunned by the rest of us.

You know how I feel about Amanda’s actions as revealed by the IDS story. I notice a number of people are trafficking in the rumor that Mayor John Hamilton is somehow behind this story. For the sake of argument, let’s assume that’s true. Let’s assume either Hamilton himself or somebody associated with his campaign put Brandon Drake up to wiring himself and recording Amanda’s words, then persuading Drake to share Amanda’s emails and texts to him with the IDS reporter.

So what? That still does not excuse Barge for her lapses in judgement both as a licensed social worker and an official overseeing a contractor for the county.

Try this exercise: Let’s say it’s revealed that someone from the Hillary Clinton campaign tipped off TMZ that candidate Donald Trump loves to brag about grabbing women’s pussies. TMZ then goes out and catches him bragging thusly on video. Would that in any way cause you to dismiss Trump’s words and actions?

The sooner this mess goes away, the better. And the best way for it to go away is for Barge to resign her seat as Monroe County Commissioner and regroup, both professionally and personally.


One thought on “Hot Air: Dragging It Out

  1. Don Moore says:

    I can’t tell you how disappointed I am with my fellow liberals who upon reading the IDS story (and its mirroring in the HT) rushed to judgment about this matter. I wish to reside in Bloomington,IN, not Salem, Mass of long ago. Is it so damned hard to wait to see what is further turned out regarding this matter, rather to demand that an election be overturned and an elected office holder turned out prematurely? I also prefer democracy to ochlocracy, as did the ancient Greek political philosophers and Founding Fathers of the USA.

    Show me where and how Ms. Barge retaliated based upon Mr. Drake’s rejection of her foolish pestering of him (even that is not exactly as clear as some wish to believe), and I will join you in requesting her resignation. Nothing in the public message system now meets that challenge. Indeed, to some making that challenge is labeled “survivor shaming.” To them making an accusation gains ipso facto status as a “survivor.” So much for a period of critical reflection when tenets of New Age social liberal orthodoxy makes its demands.

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