Hot Air: Charlotte

Great news on the Charlotte Zietlow front!

She’ll be sprung from her Stonecroft digs, where she’s been cooling her heels since her February stroke, Friday. She’ll be heading to her Green Acres homestead with the requisite keepers who’ll help her navigate as necessary.

Charlotte’s a tough old bird, as if I needed to tell you that. You’d have had to read between the lines with the diligence of a CIA code breaker to sense any frustration or discouragement on her part post-stroke, but it was there. Oh yeah, it was there. And nobody ever could accuse her of being a shirker — she’s been toiling mightily to regain her strength and balance and she seems to have done just that, ergo the Stonecroft decision makers giving her a parole.

She’s been keeping up with Bloomington news as well as the national political soap operas throughout her ordeal. Most important, she’s fairly disgusted with what she considers the mob mentality following the March 25th blockbuster Amanda Barge IDS story. I ventured to suggest to her that I felt betrayed by Amanda. Charlotte countered she felt betrayed by public and Democratic Party officials who reacted to the IDS revelations with, as she characterized it, meanness and a lack of civility.

Nobody ever has to guess where Charlotte Zietlow stands on any issue. Nothing — not even a stroke — can alter that aspect of her character.

2 thoughts on “Hot Air: Charlotte

  1. Kathy Loser says:

    Thanks for the update!

  2. Candy says:

    Yay! Charlotte!

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