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The most baffling question of the day is How can so many self-professed Christians embrace Donald Trump? He is, after all, the antithesis of a kind, caring, merciful, loving deity.

All those MAGA-hat wearing Christians have to be mistaken, right?

No. We’re the ones who are mistaken. We’re the ones who don’t get god. They, the Christians who scream wild-eyed at Trump rallies, know the true god of the Bible. And they know Trump is just like him.

Proof? Here:

[ h/t to Chip Berlet ]


Here’s the podcast of yesterday’s Big Talk with Bloomington city council District 2 candidate Daniel Bingham. He’s running in the Democratic primary against incumbent Dorothy Granger and fellow challenger Sue Sgambelluri. The winner will take on Andrew Guenther, running unopposed in the Republican primary, in the November general election.

Next week on Big Talk, Ryan Maloney, who’s challenging incumbent Isabel Piedmont-Smith in District 5.

Time flies, natch: after Maloney I’ll welcome Denise Valkyrie, one of two Democratic challengers facing District 1 incumbent Chris Sturbaum. Valkyrie’ll make for an appropriate bookend; my first guest in the ongoing series featuring council candidates was Kate Rosenbarger, who’s also facing Sturbaum.

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Coming up on Big Talk in May will be Phil Proctor and David Ossman, a couple of old vets from the Firesign Theater, as well as WKRP in CIncinnati star Gary Sandy. The gang of them will be in these parts later next month for a show at the Brown County Playhouse.

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