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JESS LEVANDOSKI & JESS REED — Launched in 2014, the year’s fourth Middle Coast Film Festival will  bring independent movies from around the world to Bloomington in August. The fest also shows the world what Bloomington filmmakers can do. Programmer Jess Levandoski and business manager Jess Reed talk about movies, stage plays, and 30 Rock’s Liz Lemon as a role model.

WFHB Feature: March 23, 2017

Big Track (I’ve been lazy; I’ll get this link up before you know it)

NICCI BOROSKI — Known among the cognoscenti as Nicci B, she co-owns the Back Door and serves as the arts and entertainment director for the local LGBTQ gathering place. She found a home in Bloomington when she was embraced by the town’s queer community. In today’s changing political climate for queer folks, Nicci hopes to provide a safe, comfortable place for people of all gender and sexuality nonconformance.

WFHB Feature: March 9, 2017

Big Track (keep your shirts on; I’m still reviewing the recording for the two or three potentially actionable things Nicci and I said to each other)

DOUG WISSING — The longtime Bloomington journalist and author has been described as an adventurer. His three tours as an embedded reporter in Afghanistan have provided him with enough adventures to last a lifetime. He’s described what he’s seen in two books on America’s sixteen-year battle in history’s chronic battleground. His latest book is “Hopeless but Optimistic: Journeying Through America’s Endless War in Afghanistan.”

WFHB Feature: March 2, 2017

Big Track (almost all of the original interview with Doug):

THUY BOGART — Pronounced TWEE, she was born in Vietnam just after the fall of Saigon and her family left that war-torn land and lived in a refugee camp in Malaysia for a year. They came to America in 1980. When she grew up, she fell in love with tango, the steamy South American couples dance. She met her husband and future musical accompanist, Ben, at a Milonga, the traditional music and dance tango party. She has helped nurture tango communities in several states and now teaches and dances here in Bloomington.

WFHB Feature: February 23, 2017

Big Track (unedited and unabridged, the original interview with Thuy):

EMILY GOODSON — Actor, playwright, and proud jokester Emily Goodson has written the new musical-comedy, “Calling All Kates,” now in pre-production at the Bloomington Playwrights Project. Goodson once played an electric mixer making smoothies in her mouth on stage.

WFHB Feature: February 16, 2017

Big Track (the original, uncut interview with Emily):

NANCY HILLER — Cabinetmaker, furniture designer and builder, author, preservation advocate, and storyteller, Nancy Hiller has been beautifying people’s homes in Bloomington and other cities for years. She’s written the award-winning book A Home of Her Own, a study of the places women live in and own. She’s releasing her fourth book, Making Things Work: Tales From a Cabinetmaker’s Life.

WFHB Feature: February 9, 2017

Big Track (the original interview with Nancy):

Print Interview: Limestone Post, coming mid-March

SEAN BUEHLER — A senior studying public health issues at Indiana University, Sean helps clear the air about scientific topics ranging from the environment to the mind as the founder of Science on Tap, a monthly, open to the public presentation of issues in the scientific realm at a revolving set of brew pubs in town.

WFHB Feature: February 2, 2017

Big Track (The uncut interview with Sean)

SUE RALL — One of Bloomington’s grass-roots, do-it-yourself entertainers, she takes to the air on aerial silks and regularly appears at the Back Door as her male alter-ego, washed-up glam-rocker Jamie Spangle. Sue recounts her journey from the Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls to the drape-y trapeze and drag king-dom.

WFHB Feature: January 26, 2017

Big Track (The unabridged, original interview with Sue):

JACK DOPP — Founder of Bloomington News, he and his crew have brought the world’s newspapers to Bloomington for decades. He started in the newspaper business as a grade school paperboy in Gary, Indiana, in the late 1950s. He reflects on his life and the changes he’s seen in the business and in Bloomington.

WFHB DLN Feature: January 19, 2017

Big Track (Unedited, the original interview with Jack):

ANNE HEDIN — One of the organizers of “The Fierce Urgency of Now”: Time to Choose, a gathering of environmentalists in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., Anne describes the moment she decided to devote herself to working for cleaner air — she has her granddaughter to thank for it. She offers some pretty good tips on how to retrofit your home with solar panels as well.

WFHB DLN Feature: January 12, 2017

Big Track (The original interview with Anne):

FRANCESCA SOBRER — Actor and beloved drama teacher Francesca Sobrer appears in the Bloomington Playwrights Project production, “Home.” Boredom, she says, led her to a life in the theater.

WFHB DLN Feature: December 15, 2016

Big Track (the original interview with Francesca; Big Mike Note: the sound quality is very poor; you’ll have to jigger your volume levels alternating between my loud, distorted voice and Francesca’s almost inaudible voice. Sorry.):

CYNTHIA BRUBAKER — A restoration architect who’s been key in preserving some of our town’s historical treasures like the I. Fell Building and the old Coca-Cola bottling plant on South Washington Street. Cindy tells us how she got into the building design business and why it’s getting harder than ever for her to get preservation projects in Bloomington.

WFHB DLN Feature: December 8, 2016

Big Track (mostly unedited, the original interview with Cindy):

Print Interview: Limestone Post, January 12, 2017

DAN “CARP” COMBS — The Bloomington legend has been a political institution in these parts for more than 30 years. Perry Township’s trustee since 1987 talks about helping people get through the tough times and touches on American’s tendency to shout at each other in campaign season — and out.

WFHB DLN Feature: December 1, 2016

Big Track (the original, uncut interview with Carp):

Print Interview: Limestone Post, December 5, 2016

STEVE WESTRICH — The founder and owner of The Bishop Bar doesn’t much care for taverns and pubs himself but he’s built up one of Bloomington premier grown-up drinking and live music venues over the last seven years. Together with the Comedy Attic, The Bishop forms a potent nightlife destination just south of Courthouse Square.

WFHB DLN Feature: November 17, 2016

Big Track (complete and unedited, the original interview with Steve):

MARGARET TAYLOR — Daughter of the founders of the Book Corner, she continues to run the independent bookseller, a Bloomington institution on Courthouse Square. Maragaret tells us people still love books and business has never been better.

WFHB DLN Feature: November 10, 2016

Big Track (the unedited, complete, original interview with Margaret):

MARC TSCHIDA — The long-time Bloomington arts advocate has started his own business, Press Puzzles. He makes hand-crafted, fine wooden jigsaw puzzles featuring pictures of Bloomington and South Central Indiana landmarks as well as images of works by local artists. He talks about the history and manufacture of jigsaw puzzles and reveals that jigsaws are not now nor have they ever been used in making them.

WFHB DLN Feature: November 3, 2016

Big Track (the entire, unedited original interview with Marc):

BETHY SQUIRES & DALIA DAVOUDI — Two principals behind Bloomington’s 100th anniversary celebration of the storied Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich, Switzerland that gave birth to the Dada art movement. They and dozens of other local artists perform at the one-night only re-creation of that imaginative scene.

WFHB DLN Feature: October 27, 2016

Big Track (Uncut, plugged — the original interview):

J.R. BIERSMITH & TYLER FERGUSON — Filmmaker Biersmith’s first feature traces the lives of two young Somali men hoping survive the horrors of their country’s civil war while trying to become world-class soccer players. The intertwined tales of Sa’ad Hussein and Saadiq Mohammed make for a powerful documentary, Men in the Arena. Biersmith and Bloomington promoter Ferguson discuss the making of the film and the two men’s eventually arrival in a safe land.

WFHB DLN Feature: October 20, 2016

Big Track (the full-length chat with J.R. & Tyler):

BETSY STIRRATT — Director of IU’s Grunwald Gallery of Art, Betsy talks about the exhibit, “(Re)Imagining Science,” a collaboration between research scientists and visual artists.

WFHB DLN Feature: October 13, 2016

Big Track (complete and unedited, the original interview with Betsy):

DR. GLADYS DeVANE, LIZ WATFORD-MITCHELL & DANIELLE BRUCE — The playwrights and director of Resilience: Indiana’s Untold Story employ a distinctive and highly personal “edu-tainment” style in conveying the stories of African-Americans in the Hoosier State.

WFHB DLN Feature: October 6, 2016

Big Track (the mostly-unedited interview with Gladys, Liz & Danielle):

DAVID BRENNEMAN — Born in one of the world’s cultural centers, Vienna, Austria, David fell in love with museums at a tender age. Now he’s director of Indiana University’s Eskanazi Art Museum. He came from the High Museum of Art in Atlanta where he worked with the Musee de Louvre to help that august institution streamline its organization.

WFHB DLN Feature: September 29, 2016

Big Track (the original, full-length interview with David):

KRISTIN LEAMAN-MORRIS — Archivist for Indiana University’s Bicentennial celebration, Kristin talks about the more than decade-long effort to preserve the voices, the papers, the images, the videos, and the very heart and soul of the university.

WFHB DLN Feature: September 22, 2016

Big Track (the original, full-length interview with Kristin):

DANIELLE URSCHEL — Co-founder of the Bloomington Print Collective, Danielle explains what intaglio is (hint: it’s not a pasta) and talks about how BPC fosters the print arts in and around Bloomington.

WFHB DLN Feature: September 15, 2016

Big Track (the original, full-length interview with Danielle):

PETER LOPILATO — Founder, publisher and film curator of the Ryder magazine and the Ryder Film Series, Bloomington institutions since 1979. Peter talks about the early days of the Ryder, inlcuding its first home in a building referred to at the time as Bloomington’s version of the noted Chelsea Hotel.

WFHB DLN Feature: September 1, 2016

Big Track (the original, full-length interview with Peter):

JONI MCGARY & JANE KUPERSMITH — Bloomington business owners (Lucky Guy Bakery & Hopscotch Coffee, respectively) talk about the challenges women entrepreneurs face and how they may help each other succeed.

WFHB DLN Feature: August 25, 2016

Big Track (the original, full-length interview with Joni & Jane):

JASON FICKEL & GINGER CURRY — The blues and Americana duo (Jason plays guitar and writes the songs and Ginger sings) talk about their origins and their music. Their third CD, Some Kind of Love, is available on CD Baby and at Landlocked Music.

WFHB DLN Feature: August 18, 2016

Big Track (the original, full-length interview with Jason & Ginger):

ADRIA NASSIM — Bloomington’s expert on the autism spectrum. She has capitalized on her own intimate knowledge of the disorder to help others who suffer with it and those who wish to welcome them into everyday society gain a better understanding of it.

WFHB DLN Feature: August 11, 2016

Big Track (the original, full-length interview with Adria):

CATHI CRABTREE — Delegate to the 2016 Democratic National Convention (pledged to Hillary Clinton), she recounts growing up on a southern Indiana farm with a strictly conservative father and a closet feminist mother.

WFHB DLN Feature: August 4, 2016

Big Track (the original, full-length interview with Cathi):

TOM FRENCH — Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper reporter who, with his wife Kelley Benham French, has written the heart-wrenching book, Juniper: The Girl Who Was Born Too Soon, about their micro-preemie daughter.

WFHB DLN Feature: July 28, 2016

Big Track (the original, full-length interview with Tom):

Print Interview: Limestone Post, August 25, 2016

JULIA KARR — Author of dystopian Young Adult novels beginning with XVI and continuing through Truth and an as-yet untitled third entry in the series. The books follow Nina, who rebels against her world where 16-year-old girls dream of nothing more than becoming sexual playthings.

WFHB DLN Feature: June 17, 2014

Big Track (the original, full-length interview with Julia):

Print Interview: The Ryder, July 2014

CHARLOTTE ZIETLOW — The old pro, Bloomington and Monroe County’s doyenne of the Democratic Party. Charlotte helped remake the local political map in 1971 and hasn’t stopped putting her mark on our town since.

WFHB DLN Feature: May 21, 2014

Big Track (the original, full-length interview with Charlotte):

Print Interview: The Ryder, June 2014

TONY BREWER — Poet, actor, sound effects artist, roller derby play-by-play voice, and jack of more trades than you can imagine.

WFHB DLN Feature: March 6, 2014

Big Track (the original, full-length interview with Tony):

Print Interview: The Ryder, May 2014 (link not working)

NATE POWELL — The celebrated cartoonist and graphic novelist has drawn the pix for Rep. John Lewis’s series of graphic memoirs, March (books one through three).

WFHB DLN Feature: January 9, 2014

Big Track (the original, full-length interview with Nate):

Print Interview: The Ryder, April 2014

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