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Come to The Electron Pencil (almost) every day for huge dollops of exaggeration, hyperbole, snark, snidery — we just invented the word! — gossip, rumor, innuendo, speculation, and alarm. Okay, and news when the mood strikes us.

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3 thoughts on “The Pencil

  1. Adria says:

    Big Mike,
    Holy Crap! Your site is so great! I love it! I am going to start following it now and you can follow me (and Lu) in the HT! I am so sorry to hear of your diagnosis of cancer and am thinking of you and praying for a strong recovery every day! Thanks for being part of our community here in good ‘ol Bloomington! Wishing you the best!

    -Adria and Lu “WOOF!”

  2. wolfgang petsch says:

    Help FDA…how we get the T out of the US-womb !

  3. Janis Starcs says:

    Greetings! I went to this site after looking for news of The Book Corner. I love your piece on Dan Combs, the one Democrat I consistently vote for. I should probably start visiting here in my retirement. When I am more settled in and feeling better recovered from my accident, I will probably find some troublemaking to do..

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