B.today: Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Bloomington’s own monolithic booze dealer is making moves to become the only game in town.


Big Red Liquors has applied to the county to take over the liquor license of Bloomington Liquors on the far north side and Hoosier Liquors on the northwest side, according to the Herald Times (login required).

With 14 locations already in Bloomington as well as outposts in Bedford, French Lick, Martinsville, and Terre Haute, Big Red rules South Central Indiana.


The late geek genius Steve Jobs had the foresight before his death to authorize biographer extraordinaire Walter Isaacson to get cracking on his own life story.

Isaacson already has penned bios on Einstein, Ben Franklin, and Henry Kissinger.

Inexplicable: Hot Women Thought He Was Attractive AND He Won The Nobel Peace Prize


The Jobs job, entitled Steve Jobs (natch), paints the Caliph of Cupertino as the world’s most succesful ex-hippie.

Isaacson seems drawn to messianic-like figures who changed history. Who’s next? Here are a few suggestions: Bobby Kennedy, Oprah Winfrey, and Roger Ailes.

Five. Point. Two. Tons.

I’m still reeling from the news of the biggest pot bust in Indianapolis history last week. The Feds, with the help of a slew of local cop shops, seized the swag along with $4.3 million in cash at an Indy warehouse. Authorities say the wholesale value of the green was $5 million.

I pulled out my handy calculator and came up with a street value of $66.5 million. Sheesh!

Say what you will about this holy land’s drug laws, faulty info still holds sway. For instance, in the Indy Star’s story on the operation, the reporter writes: “On October 17, police took a drug-sniffing dog to the door of the warehouse, and it indicated it smelled narcotics.”

Um, sorry kids, marijuana is not a narcotic.

In any case, expect Kroger, Marsh, et al to suffer a significant drop in the sales of Doritos Cool Ranch® Flavored Tortilla Chips.

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