The Pencil Today:


Some simple, straight-forward directives for you to obey this morning (in which an unfamiliar bright round object is illuminating the sky as well as the South Central Indiana Earth below — weird isn’t it?)

Go to our Salon and Gallery & Studio pages to support our so far small but growing stable of creative slaves. Pay close attention to the following:

☛ Bloomington’s own innovative concert previewer, Ryan Lee Dawes, writes about tomorrow night’s show at the 11th Street House. Step Dads will bring their inspired cacophony to that venue at 8:00PM. Now, lemme let Ryan hip you to them.

☛ Once you’re finished with that, we’ve got the latest “Cats and Machines” comic from Grover & Sloan.

☛ Then, eyeball four new photomicroscopy images from Dr. Alex Straiker, who earns his daily bread delving into the brain in search of answers as well as cool pix.

There. You’re welcome.

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