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“Humanity is acquiring all the right technology for all the wrong reasons.” — R. Buckminster Fuller


Good afternoon, readers and other curious folk.

You’ll find today’s post to be about as truncated as can be. The broadband signal coming into Electron Pencil world headquarters has been spotty all morning. So, we’re sneaking in what we can.

The Comcast gods willing, we’ll be back tomorrow with the full menu of laughs, thrills, and borderline libels. Until then, See ya!


There are a million reasons to love Rachel Maddow. Here’s one: She dug up the map below from a website called Maps of the World.

Three grids covering enormous swaths of India blew out Tuesday, leaving nearly one in ten of the Earth’s humans without electrical power.

600 million freaking people, people!

And get this: another whole 600 million people in India weren’t blacked out.

Yes, India is home to 1.2 billion people.

China’s got more: 1.3 billion.

Two nations. Thirty five percent of the living Homo Sapiens sapiens.

Something’s got to give.

Here’s how I waste my time. How about you? Share your fave sites with us via the comments section. Just type in the name of the site, not the url; we’ll find them. If we like them, we’ll include them — if not, we’ll ignore them.

I Love ChartsLife as seen through charts.

XKCD — “A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.”

SkepchickWomen scientists look at the world and the universe.

IndexedAll the answers in graph form, on index cards.

I Fucking Love ScienceA Facebook community of science geeks.

Present and CorrectFun, compelling, gorgeous and/or scary graphic designs and visual creations throughout the years and from all over the world.

Flip Flop Fly BallBaseball as seen through infographics, haikus, song lyrics, and other odd communications devices.

Mental FlossFacts.

Caps Off PleaseComics & fun.

SodaplayCreate your own models or play with other people’s models.

Eat Sleep DrawAn endless stream of artwork submitted by an endless stream of people.

Big ThinkTapping the brains of notable intellectuals for their opinions, predictions, and diagnoses.

The Daily PuppySo shoot me.

Electron Pencil event listings: Music, art, movies, lectures, parties, receptions, games, benefits, plays, meetings, fairs, conspiracies, rituals, etc.

Monroe County Public LibraryMeet Mr. McFeely from Mr. Rogers Nieghborhood; 10-10:30am

Monroe County FairgroundsDay 6, 2012 Monroe County Fair, Dead Giveaway; 5pm — Bloomington Brass Band; 6pm — Smooth Country/Mike’s Dance Barn; 7pm — Figure 8 Demolition Derby; 7:30pm — Talent Show; 7:30pm; Special Purpose; 7:30pm; Noon to 11pm

Bear’s PlaceJazz Fables: Monika Herzig Acoustic Project; 5:30pm

Bloomington Playwrights ProjectOriginal musical, “Dreams & Nightmares”; 7pm

Cafe DjangoThe Reuben Gingrich Trio; 7:30pm

Max’s PlaceSix Mile; 8pm

The Comedy AtticCostaki Economopolous; 8pm

The BluebirdRobert Earl Keen; 8pm

Serendipity Martini BarTeam trivia; 8:30pm

Max’s PlaceNew Old Cavalry; 9pm

The BishopCameron McGill, The Calumet Reel, Andrew Combs; 9:30pm


◗ Ivy Tech Waldron CenterExhibits:

  • “40 Years of Artists from Pygmalion’s”; opens Friday, August 3rd, through September 1st

◗ IU Art MuseumExhibits:

  • Qiao Xiaoguang, “Urban Landscape: A Selection of Papercuts” ; through August 12th
  • “A Tribute to William Zimmerman,” wildlife artist; through September 9th
  • Willi Baumeister, “Baumeister in Print”; through September 9th
  • Annibale and Agostino Carracci, “The Bolognese School”; through September 16th
  • “Contemporary Explorations: Paintings by Contemporary Native American Artists”; through October 14th
  • David Hockney, “New Acquisitions”; through October 21st
  • Utagawa Kuniyoshi, “Paragons of Filial Piety”; through fall semester 2012
  • Julia Margaret Cameron, Edward Weston, & Harry Callahan, “Intimate Models: Photographs of Husbands, Wives, and Lovers”; through December 31st
  • “French Printmaking in the Seventeenth Century”; through December 31st

◗ IU SoFA Grunwald GalleryExhibits: Bloomington Photography Club Annual Exhibition; through August 3rd

◗ IU Kinsey Institute Gallery“Ephemeral Ink: Selections of Tattoo Art from the Kinsey Institute Collection”; through September 21st

◗ IU Lilly LibraryExhibit, “Translating the Canon: Building Special Collections in the 21st Century”; through September 1st

◗ IU Mathers Museum of World CulturesClosed for semester break, reopens Tuesday, August 21st

Monroe County History Center Exhibits:

  • “What Is Your Quilting Story?”; through July 31st
  • Photo exhibit, “Bloomington: Then and Now” by Bloomington Fading; through October 27th

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