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“People are strange.” — Robby Krieger & Jim Morrison


[A note from Big Mike: I can’t properly illustrate this screed and still have you read it at work. You’ll understand why in a moment. So I’ve decided to drop in photos here and there that, after a fashion, are exceedingly appropriate. Now, read on.]

A friend dropped in for a visit at The Book Corner yesterday afternoon. We fell into a discussion about the ridiculous things people do and think.

It occurred to me that I’d written about what is probably the absolutely weirdest new rage Wednesday.

Me: So, didja read my post about anal tattoos last week?

My friend: Oh yeah. And people are getting anal bleaches, too.

I slapped my forehead. I’d forgotten all about anal bleaching.

Now, if talk of the most hidden part of the human anatomy might make you feel a tad shivery, well, steel yourself, kiddies. This is an issue that must be addressed.

Donald Trump

Why in god’s holy name would people on this good Earth be thinking so much about their sphincters that they’d want to redecorate them?

Do they feel a tattoo or a bleach will make the geography in question look, um, less anal?

I mean, how pretty can you make one of those things?

And who is the acknowledged arbiter of anal prettiness?

Kim Kardashian

I don’t suspect Elle or Vogue or Self magazines have staffers assigned to the anal beat. Definitely not O — although that would be perfect on several levels. Ladies Home Journal? Nah.

So the standards for the esthetic appearance of your anus are, apparently, solely your own. In that case, why wouldn’t you simply say, Hey, it looks fine just the way it is?

I’m trying to get my brain wrapped around this thing but it isn’t easy at all.

At what point in your life do you say, Golly gee, my anus needs a makeover?

Rush Limbaugh

And think of how difficult it can be to inspect your down under region so that you might come to that conclusion.

There are living, breathing human beings in this holy land who have sighed, For goodness sakes, my anus is too dark; I’m in urgent need of a bleaching.

Some go one step further and announce, Y’know, I’d really be the talk of the neighborhood if I got a tattoo down there. I bet a floral wreath would do the trick. A nice tulip, forsythia and dogwood. I’ll be the envy of the block.

I’m puzzled by so many things my fellow species-mates do. Some believe there’s an all-powerful guy in the sky who helps you find your lost keys but, oddly, forgets to stop the tsunami headed for Indonesia. Others are certain Adam and Eve rode dinosaurs.

Michele Bachmann

I see guys coming into Soma Coffee who have inserted wide plugs or spools into their earlobes. I knew a guy from a previous coffeehouse hangout of mine who actually had the fleshy part between his Achilles tendon and lower leg bones pierced.

Some people get sticks stuck through their nasal septa.

To all of whom I say, Have at it, as long as you understand you’ll never work anyplace that requires a hiring interview.

These people are so eager to let the world know that they are contemptuous of normality that they’ll mutilate themselves to prove it. Again, fine. I, too, am contemptuous of normality. Only I’m too chicken to stick a bone through my nose.

But the woman who gets star-stuck or aspires to have her dark spider turned vanilla has a very limited audience for her statement of rebellion or beautification, as the case may be.

Does she hope a lover might spy her freshly bleached channel and think, Hmm, now here’s a woman who covers all her bases?

Does he say, Man, am I lucky! I was afraid I’d catch a terrifying glimpse of a flesh-tone anus?

Perhaps the woman honestly believes she might hold on to a good man if she displays a wreathed or whitened entrance. If that’s the case, she’s clearly showing him the best part of herself.


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  1. bill says:

    I’m sure these misguided anal souls are simply bucking for induction into the Asshole Hall of Fame. You’ve included many of its illustrative luminaries, who, if you note, rarely gore new orifi into their skinsacks. You are also attributing an undeserved thought process to these anatomical mission statements. Obviously, there is an illiterate, or perhaps TOO literal, herd who didn’t learn Dr. Suess’ lesson of the Sneetches.
    Happy New Year Uncle Mike.

    Keep writing what a bunch of us are wondering…

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