Keep your shirts on, babies!

The Electron Pencil will be back really, really soon — bigger and better than ever.

So keep cool, hang tight, and get ready for more laughs, more facts, more brilliance, and more hammering away at Republicans and other hooligans, pillagers, and reprobates.

Huge Crowd

Pencillistas Awaiting The Return Of Big Mike And The Electron Pencil

Meanwhile, head on over to the Ryder Magazine and Film Series. The long awaited marriage of the Ryder and the Pencil finally has been consummated (and, boy, are we out of breath!) Click the Event Horizon button when you get there so you can figure out what you’re going to do in the next 3 Days In Bloomington.

So, Peace, Love, & Soul and we’ll see you right back here before you know it.

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