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If there’s one thing you should expect from me (besides smart-assed-ness, irreverence, and a consistent nudge toward insurrection — okay, four things) it’s the truth. At least as I see it. And as long as I don’t feel the need to lie to you. So, basically, you can expect the truth a good 63 percent of the time. I doubt if you could do better.,

Anyway, here’s a truth: It’s too beautiful out and I’m too smitten with spring fever to throw a full post at you, so there.


Springtime… (Oops, Wrong Image)


Springtime (Better)

So go out rather than stay cooped up reading my hot air.

Wait, Before You Go….

Lots of Pencillistas have been asking me how they can read “Black Comedy” from the beginning — that is, without scrolling and searching like a madman/woman for Episode 1 buried somewhere back in the mists of Pencil prehistory.

It’s easy, folks. First (as any obsessive/compulsive interwebs junkie would know) all you have to do today is click on the link in the first graf of this entry:

Spelling It Out


Simple, nay?

Alright, let’s say you’re stuck in a hotel room at midnight in some hellish place (Pyongyang? Indianapolis?) with nothing to do and you want to start reading “Black Comedy” ab ovo (just go to your Cassell’s New Latin Dictionary — what, you want me to do everything for you?).

All you’ve got to do is click on the Black Comedy tab in the page menu bar near the top of this site.

The Pencil

See? II

They’ll both bring you here:


See? III

Savvy now? You get a complete episode list. Simply select the episode you need to go to, click on the read it now link, and QED (ibid.), you’re home free, digging my literary brilliance and ignoring the booms of primitive nuclear weapons being tested (Pyongyang) or the deafening roar of nothing happening (Indy).

Are we all clear on this now? Good. Let’s go out and frolic in the May-ness.

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