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Now, this doesn’t rile me or cause me to wring my hands and say Oh, oh, oh, the Right wingnuts are f’nda take over my USA!

No, this just makes me laugh.


That noted gasbag in human form, Rush Limbaugh, has laid out the latest on the Benghazi faux-scandal. Only this time, it’s not just that the Osama Obama administration was asleep at the wheel. Hell, that’s a sin even white people can commit. The nation’s first Muslim, Kenyan, commie, homosexual abortionist prez and his lower primate minions actually participated in the attack that resulted in the death of four US diplomats, including the ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens.

See, the order came down from Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett for all US military responders to stand down as the mobs laid siege to the Benghazi diplomatic mission. That’s what Massa Rush sez. There were gobs of Green Berets and laser-equipped, big-assed flying gunships, and all sorts of other sacred armaments and warriors of our holy land hanging around the Libyan city just waiting to open fire on A-rabs but Valerie Jarret simply told them not to!


They Were Ready

Who knows why she did this? Wait, we know why — she hates America! (see below). Not only that, no one from the Limbaugh corner of the asylum can explain why the military would take orders from a White House bureaucrat whose charge is making sure the White House pretends to hear the voice of the people.

The Conservative Report Online website where Limbaugh got his “intelligence” [teehee] carries this meme re: VJ:

Jarrett Meme

I mean, see, see? She’s not only brown but — isn’t it obvious from the picture? — [voice lowered to a whisper] she’s got a vagina!

Clearly, the gumshoes at Conservative Report Online are the finest journalists in America, considering they’re the only ones who’ve unearthed this bombshell quote from Jarrett.

One more little detail: immediately after getting the news that Benghazi was under attack, according to CRO, Osama Obama went and ate himself a nice little dinner — just as if the entire American way of life wasn’t being threatened by wild eyed dark maniacs!

How can you get mad at ol’ Rush and his gang? He’s now as relevant as Benny Hill.


The Tears Of A Clown

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