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I’m taking the week off because I’m tired. That and I’m sick of hearing my own voice (honest, that’s how writers write; they talk to themselves, mostly internally, but occasionally out loud.)

Anyway, knowing me, I’ll probably put up a post the minute something fabulous or annoying happens out there in this mad, mad, mad, mad, world. If not, I’ll see you next Monday.

From "It's a Mad, Mad. Mad, Mad World"

It’s A Mad, Mad. Mad. Mad World

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Gene, Gene The Dancin’ Machine

Thought I’d leave you with this landmark of late 1970s American artistry, The Gong Show. If you’re too young to remember The Gong Show or you’ve never seen it, there’s nothing I can say to make you understand it. It’s like what Louis Armstrong said about jazz.

The Gong Show

For those of you who remember this cultural touchstone, surely you can imagine how much blow was inhaled before, during, and after each show’s taping. Some of The Gong Show’s celebrity judges included Steve Martin, Phyllis Diller, a very young David Letterman, unbearable film critic Rex Reed, Dr. Joyce Brothers (duh), Scatman Crothers, Barbara Feldon (grrrrowwwwl!). Steve Garvey, Harry James (Harry James?), Peter Lawford, Louie Nye, Pat Paulsen, Tony Randall, Mort Sahl (!), Mamie Van Doren, and Sarah Vaughan. Yow!

Nye/Van Doren/Brothers

Louie Nye, Mamie Van Doren & Dr. Joyce Brothers

One of the regular judges was a woman named Jaye P. Morgan. I always enjoyed The Gong Show when she was on. She seemed to be having so much fun. I did a little googling and found out that Jaye P. Morgan was quite a hot singing star in the ’50s. In fact, according to Wikipedia (it‘s gotta be true, right?), she was the biggest female vocalist in America in the years 1954 and ’55. Who knew?

From "The Muppet Show"

Jaye P. Morgan & Kermit The Frog Sing A Duet

Jaye P. Morgan must have been about 47 years old when this episode of TGS was shot. Man, she was hot as a pistol.

‘Kay, bye!

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  1. Susan Sandberg says:

    Chuck Barris was deliciously droll and irreverent as a host, and yes, Jaye P. Morgan was a highly suitable judge for The Gong Show. Remember it well. Unfortunately.

  2. If only American Idol audiences were allowed to throw stuffed toys …

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