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So there’s wailing and shrieking over the interwebs regarding the Barilla CEO insulting gays. As there should be.

Not only that, Guido Barilla said, essentially, that women belong in the kitchen, stirring a big pot of rigatoni.

◗ Big Mike Point No. 1: Guido Barilla’s a dope.


Guido Barilla

I don’t care how his comments hurt his company. That’s his lookout. And clearly it doesn’t bother him that many of his customers are going to give him and his pastas the Italian salute:

If (gays and lesbians) like our pasta and our message, they will eat it. If they don’t like what we say, they will eat another.

That’s Guido explaining himself to Reuters. Apparently, he has forgotten that gays and lesbians have families, friends, and supporters. A huge number of them will never buy Barilla pasta again. This kind of thing lasts a long time. For instance, it’s a safe bet many of my loyal readers to this day do not drink Coors products.

◗ Big Mike Point No. 2: Don’t buy Barilla products.

This is going to hurt me a lot more than it hurts you. I make pasta every Wednesday like a good Sicilian son. And guess what — Barilla is my brand. Well, no more. Stick your homophobia and your sexism straight up your ass, Guido.

Barilla Ziti

Ciao, Ziti

Cibo é Veleno

The Barilla dust-up brought to the fore Bloomington’s food fetishists again. To wit: a pal of mine wrote on Facebook that she won’t eat Guido’s penne rigati et alia anymore.

Well, this horrified one commenter for a reason that might surprise you:

Pasta is terrible for u! Sooooo unnaturally dense that it spikes the shit out of your insulin level. Only thing worse are bagels.

“Pasta is terrible for u!”

Do I need to type that again? Okay.

“Pasta is terrible for u!”

Dig? The commenter was aghast that my pal puts vermicelli in her body!



I’m getting the feeling that there’s a subset of people around this town who are anti-food. I mean, what in the hell do these people eat? Pasta, out. Bagels, out. Meat, I would assume, out. Dairy products, out. Name any food category and you’ll find a local gang of true believers who equate it with arsenic.

People, people, people — the human body is extremely resilient and protective of itself. And the sentient among us know not to shove entire packages of Oscar Mayer bologna into our face holes morning noon and night. That would be somewhat akin to taking a dose of arsenic. But jeez! Let a gal eat a bowl of cavatelli once in a while without stoning her to death, wouldja?

BTW: The head line for this entry is Italian for Food is Poison.

Buon appetito!

Food, Glorious Food

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