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This model…

Unretouched Model

…is hotter than this one:

Retouched Model

As you know if you’re hip to the latest in viral vids, the two women portrayed above are the same person.

Weird, huh?

Even weirder, 99.99 bazillion percent of straight American males would find the “woman” in the second photo more attractive than the one in the first.

I put woman in quotation marks because she doesn’t exist. Anywhere on Earth. She’s a creation of photography tricks, lighting, make-up, Photoshop, and other instruments of propagandist legerdemain.

Everybody and her sister are yowling to high heaven over the damage this kind of institutionalized bullshit does to the fragile psyches of girls and young women. And, no doubt, it does. Why else would scads of young females in the richest nation in the world spend so much time horking up everything they’ve eaten, getting their faces, breasts, and asses sliced up to make them look more “attractive,” and, in general, moping and moaning about how imperfect they look.

That’s a psychiatric epidemic of monumental proportions. They see magazines full of pix of the phony dame and countless others like her and conclude that’s the way a human being should look.

Beauty in this holy land is a manufactured thing. You aren’t born with it, you silly girl, you must buy it. And, natch, you can never buy enough. So you’ll never really be beautiful, will you? Nevertheless, you must always strive for it.

Sisyphus, indeed. Or, more accurately, sissy fuss.

But what about the men? Er, boys?

I say boys because I don’t believe an adult male human with a fully developed sense of appreciation of the dames around him would fall for a faux-filly as portrayed above.

If the beauty commodities industry turns our young females into serial regurgitators, it also wreaks havoc upon teenaged boys and young men.

They live in a world wherein nobody they know, no one they’ve ever met or would even hope to meet, looks like Model No. 2.

And since they, too, have been brainwashed into believing that’s what a beautiful woman should look like, they will never, ever in their lives meet a beautiful woman.

What a bleak outlook!

The loves of their lives will forever be disappointments, at least physically. And how much does that unrequited quest for beauty turn them into bitter, insulting intimate partners.

How many women do you know have said one or more men in their lives have called them fat? I’d say nine of 10 in my experience. And the funny thing is, not a one who has complained of being slurred in this way was actually fat.

Back to that 99.99 bazillion percent of American males; they, as one, would deem the original model above fat.

She isn’t. Not under any rational definition of the word. But she would be judged too fat by the people who define our beauty standards.

Ergo, she is.

Me? Again, I like Model No. 1. She looks prettier. Why? Because she exists.

Man, we are a nation full of dopes.

The Original

One thought on “Hottie Hot Air

  1. A Mariner on this Sea of Madness says:

    Being a Republican and used to being in the minority, I vote for model number one. Give me some curves. Voluptuous for the rest of us!

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