Highest Office In The Land Hot Air

Paper Tyrant

Can we lay to rest once and for all the absurd fiction that Barack Obama is a fierce tyrant who at any moment will seize all our guns, march us off to re-education camps, and otherwise crush us under his jackboot?

You know, the picture of him as the despot who’ll change this holy land forever as promulgated by Me Party-ists, Right Wing talk radio hosts, Fox and Friends personalities, and other reality-challenged stutterers and judderers?


Because, after all, the first Kenyan-born, communist, socialist, abortionist, coke-snorting, gay-sex-loving Commander in Chief wasn’t even able to convey to his staff and the heads of all appropriate federal departments that his signature health care reform had damned well better roll out smoothly or somebody’s ass would be on fire.

BHO’s background, as the sane among us realized from the get-go, was not that of even a sergeant-at-arms but more as a maître d’. He was a community organizer, for pity’s sake, something that squawking heads like Sarah Palin made hay out of back when she had pretenses to relevance. That means he was schooled and expert at gathering everybody ’round and hearing their opinions and suggestions, no matter how fercockter they may be. Community organizers are loath to tell anyone to shut up, to get with the program, to refrain — please! — from insisting for the twenty-three-thousandth time that such and such an alderman or mayor be forthwith brought up on charges of crimes against humanity.

Community organizers are conciliators. They’re listeners. They’re includers. Even if those who are to be included bring as much to the party as your wacky pack-rat uncle who refuses to go online because…, well, because.

They are not martinets. Nor are they mighty brigadier generals who’ll mold a disparate bunch of farm boys and street corner toughs into a single-minded fighting machine.

They persuade people to press doorbells.

They do not say things like, Goddamn it. This project better come out right. If not, I’m gonna eat you for breakfast!

And this is the guy who hundreds of thousands of loons fear will put the nation in shackles?

“Serenity” at 30,000 feet

I know you’re dying for news like this: JFK who was whacked 50 years ago this week, apparently died happy. At least that’s what the ever-reliable New York Post has to say.

The Prez and Jackie, according to a piece in yesterday’s tabloid, “joined the mile high club” during a flight from San Antonio to Houston the afternoon before his fateful drive toward the triple overpass. According to writer Philip Nobile, historian William Manchester wrote that as Air Force One flew over Texas, the Kennedys “enjoyed their last hour of serenity” in their private cabin.

Dallas, November 1963

The Serene Couple

Gird yourself for  tons more dispatches along these lines as the half-century celebration continues this week.

3 thoughts on “Highest Office In The Land Hot Air

  1. A Mariner on this Sea of Madness says:

    You’ve got to wonder why they rolled that out. They had to know it wasn’t ready. If they didn’t know, that is even worse. He is not a bad President but I don’t think he is a good one either. Judderer, that’s a good word. Did you get that from the O’Reilly show? Just kidding big boy.

  2. I’m not quite sure what you’re asserting here re: Obama. Easy enough to say the Right-Media has the story elements wrong; that it’s not the Chief but the Machinery that runs us. Is that what the Left-Media is saying?

    If the Left-Anti-Media is still best (only?) represented by Chomsky (or perhaps we can look to Wm Blum), well, then we’re already past go on the “progressive,” oligarch-serving, surveillance state.

    Do we then claim the Chief is ineffectual? And so what’s the vote doing for us? Or do we claim there’s an endgame that leads us happily over the rainbow and we’re just too small to be let in on the secret?

    Ever read Arthur Silber at “Once Upon a Time…”? http://powerofnarrative.blogspot.com/

  3. Mari the token conservative from WI says:

    Do you realize you are sounding like Charles Krauthamer on this Obama thing…..KRAUTHAMMER: Exactly. And then in the run-up, there’s all these reassurances, and we know that the President had been briefed himself about that McKinsey study. So he knew. How much he knew, we’re not sure.

    But this is really incompetence of a level that is indescribable. And it stands to reason. We’ve got a President who never ran anything. He was never a governor. He never ran a hot dog stand in his life. And he presumed that his team to remake a sixth of the American economy, and this is what happens.

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