Cold, Crisp, Clear, Thanksgiving Day Hot Air

The Spirit Of The Day

Life could be better for all of us. Some much more than others.

My life didn’t turn out precisely the way I envisioned it when I was a dopey young ‘un. Then again, no one’s ever has. I think every day of opportunities missed and blown, of people I’ve hurt — unintentionally and not, of times I could have done good and well for those I know and those I don’t.

Sometimes I mope. I think, Poor, dear me.

I’ll bet you do too.

But my life and yours are are richer in material goods, food, energy, water, and books, newspapers and websites we can read freely, than the vast majority of people on this crazy, mixed-up Earth.

I’m no jingoist but I know what we’ve got. And it’s of utmost importance that we remember our riches come — all too often — at the expense of others.

Boy, do I have riches. I’ve got:

◗ The Loved One

◗ Steve the Dog and Terra & Kofi the Pussycats

◗ This interwebs machine I’m clacking away on

◗ A beautiful home with a big yard

◗ A full refrigerator (I’ve still got some leftover meatballs in it plus the homemade pierogis TLO whipped up yesterday afternoon)

◗ A medical and pharmacological establishment based on science that has come up with a way to save the life of a person who has Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy with subsequent Congestive Heart Failure


My Big Heart

◗ A talent for writing, communicating, and making people laugh

◗ The tiny bit of hair left on my head

◗ Margaret, Crystal, Coley, Christie, Patti, and everything to be found in the treasure chest/toy box that is 100 N. Walnut St.

Book Corner

Alycin, Joe, Jalisa, Jim, Jeff, Joy, Liza, Steve, Hondo, and all the rest of the kooks, cranks, oddballs, misfits, and pure geniuses who make WFHB the hippest trip in B-town

◗ Sophia, Dan, Matthew, and Ari

◗ A still-new home town that welcomed me with open arms

◗ The guy I voted for twice as president, even if he isn’t exactly the guy I’d wish him to be

Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer — people think that because I’m an atheist I’m not a man of faith; oh, my friends, I must disagree!


High Priests

And, trust me kiddies, I’m rich beyond belief for all you who read these ridiculous, subversive, inane, prankish word spurts on The Electron Pencil. I’ve got something better than money in the bank; I’ve got Pencillistas!

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