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Big Bombast And A Dissent

Hey, wait a minute — what happened to this post? Well, I’ll tell you.

Originally, this section of today’s post referred to a comment made under a previous post. It turns out the commenter only intended to communicate with me privately. Somehow that person’s email got routed as a blog comment. Naturally, I felt I could run with it.

Mail Carrier

The two of us figured out what went wrong and I thought the best thing to do would be to simply delete this whole section, plus the original comment from the other day.

Now you know.

Oh, The Humanity

A few quick hits:

◗ Bishop Desmond Tutu yesterday scolded the massive crowd at FNB stadium in Soweto for booing South African Prez Jacob Zuma when he arrived at the Mandela memorial. Tutu was hot, excoriating the throng in a loud voice. He said they needed to be disciplined. I dig Tutu but I have to disagree. Nothing can illustrate the effectiveness of Nelson Mandela’s message better than the simple act of giving the raspberry to the top man in the country. Can’t you imagine Mandela smiling, at least inwardly, at the sound of the booing?

◗ That big compromise deal worked out by House budget chairman Paul Ryan and his Senate counterpart Patty Murray may signal to some a willingness of Tea Party-ists and other plaster saints to start working with the opposition now and again but I doubt it. My take is Ryan and his Republican pals don’t want any government shut-downs or sequesters interfering with the 2014 election season. Simple politics, kids.

◗ Tonight, before you start cruising the interwebs for whatever trouble you’re into, click over to Humans of New York. Brandon Stanton, a former trader at the Chicago Board of Trade, decided he’d rather make art and document the people of the nation’s biggest town and so proceeded to photograph 10,000 New Yorkers. The result is this website and an eponymous book. I guarantee this’ll hook you for most of the night.

From Humans of New York

An Image From Humans Of New York

That’s all. Peace, love and soul.

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