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Be Careful What You Wish For

We on the Left should not gloat too much about the apparent car wreck that NJ Gov. Chris Christie’s political future is becoming.


As you know, a couple of his underlings and a few of his hack appointees screwed over hundreds of thousands of commuters last fall and might even have been responsible for an old lady’s death when they shut down lanes to the George Washington Bridge.

Geo. Washington Bridge

Christie’s Bridge To Nowhere?

The growing scandal is a classic. Christie’s coatholders are alleged to have plotted the lane shutdown to punish either the Dem. mayor of Fort Lee, NJ. for not supporting the Guv in last year’s election or possibly the Garden State senate majority leader who’d also displeased the Christie camp.

They figured that the monumental daily traffic jams that were sure to follow would be blamed on the mayor or the state senator. When the issue was first raised months ago by local reporters, Christie swore to god in heaven that it had nothing to do with politics and even excoriated questioners for suggesting it might be.


Future Former?

He also told reporters the lanes were shut down for a surprise emergency traffic study. He then leaned on NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo to stifle a nascent Port Authority investigation.

Now we’re learning more and more about how Christie staffers and his Port Authority appointees conspired to make the snarl-up happen, that Christie lied about it, and that the various participants in the affair have been standing on their heads to cover the whole thing up.

As of today, the NJ General Assembly, the federal government (interstate commerce laws may has been broken), the Port Authority, and the Manhattan District Attorney’s office have launched investigations.

Wits and wags now are referring to Christie and his 2016 presidential prospects in iffy tones. Stephen Colbert this week took to calling Christie “the future former Republican frontrunner.”

Dems, Libs, and others who quake in their boots at the thought of another Republican presidency so soon after the tragi-farce that was Bush II, are jumping for joy over Christie’s apparent downfall.

And, again, I saw, whoa.

Say what you will about Chris Christie, he’s pretty much the last Republican standing who has at least a modicum of connection to reality in the 21st Century. He’s a typical, big city, blue state GOP-er in that there’s next to nothing that distinguishes him from the likes of Rahm Emanuel or Michael Bloomberg.

These fellows displease both ends of the political spectrum by catering to the wants and needs of the Center-Right. As such, they’re neither for the beheading of Wall Street banksters nor for the establishment of White Christianity as the national religion. Most Murricans want their leaders to fall somewhere between those extremes.

My fear is if Bridgegate topples Christie as the GOP frontrunner, the person who follows him will make him look like a beloved statesman.

I’d work like hell for whomever might have opposed Christie in the 2016 beauty contest but if by some quirk he sneaked into the White House, I’d be able to live with it.

A real tragedy would be Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, or another goddamned Bush in the Oval Office.

WashPo Image

The Angry White Man

It’s common knowledge that not only has Barack Hussein Karl Adolph Fidel John Wayne Gacy Obama usurped the White House from under White America’s nose, he has taken away all our guns, forced all our daughters to become pregnant so that they must undergo mandatory abortions, and — horrors! — even pushed through a law requiring all of us to have health insurance.

The animal.

Worst of all, he has replaced all presidential appointees, federal court judges, letter carriers, Army generals, meat inspectors, and IRS accountants with his uneducated, unemployed, ex-con cronies from the black slums of Chicago.

Golly gee, I can’t even recognize my holy land anymore.


The Obama Cabinet

So complete has been our transformation from a god-fearing, unread, untroubled by even the most rudimentary analytical thought processes populace to a lazy, commie, taker society that we can not even find escape and respite in what was once known as the National Pastime.

Yep. The Kenyan Dictator has now stolen baseball from us.

You see, the Baseball Hall of Fame announced its 2014 inductees this week. Three great ballplayers were tabbed for enshrinement: Greg Maddux, Frank Thomas, and Tom Glavine.

And do you know what the Black Power-monger did? This makes all his other sins pale in comparison, if my reading of the voice of the Angry White Man is accurate. He telephoned his congratulations to Frank Thomas, a black man. Neither Greg Maddux nor Tom Glavine, both white, got a call from the White House.

You see? You see? Racist!

Yeah. Callers to Chicago’s sports talk radio stations have been wringing their hands and shrieking over this historic miscarriage of justice. The Angry White Men of Murrica will not go down quietly.

And heaven forbid you defend the president’s action by mentioning that Obama is a South Side resident and an avowed White Sox fan. (Frank Thomas played the bulk of his career with the Pale Hose.) Whaddya, some kinda socialist?


Hard to believe that after five years of the Obama presidency, a reign during which the sane among us recognize that our great nation has changed, well, not much — arguably, not even at all — there are still sentient human beings certain that the Prez is the bastard child of Idi Amin and Jane Fonda.

And that he’s out to destroy the white race.

Yes, there still exist the Angry White Men.

Funny thing is, I can recall a day when I thought all men were angry and white. At least they were in the neighborhood I grew up in. My Daddy-o, for instance, could find the dark cloud surrounding any silver lining. Occasionally, when I’d hear him chatting with neighbor men, their rage was almost palpable. If it were possible to smell anger, my nine-year-old nose would have twitched.

They were enraged by women, college students, blacks, Latinos, politicians, eggheads, the rich, the poor, the priests, the atheists, garbage men, cops, the Mob, lawyers, tradesmen, the grocer, their kids, their wives, their siblings, hell, anybody and everybody. And when one of their number was absent from any given day’s chat, they were mad at him, too.

They were men who never — ever — said things like “I love you” to their wives, “I’m proud of you” to their kids, or “I’m sorry” to anybody. They were almost gleeful in their rage and disgust with that segment of humanity that wasn’t, well, them.

To hear one of them utter an affectionate word, or an encouraging word, or simply marvel at what a beautiful day it was would have been tantamount to catching them wearing a colorful, flowered dress, spinning around in front of a full-length mirror, and singing “I Feel Pretty.”

And then when they became even crankier coots, they never missed a chance to remind one and all that it was hell getting old.

The rest of us would refrain from adding that it was hell being around them when they were younger, as well.

We talk about the Angry White Man as if he’s some new breed, just sprouted from the Body Politic since, oh, the 1990s.

Me, it wasn’t until I became a man myself that I realized one could be such a thing and not be angry.

Firehouse News

That’s the name of the forthcoming newsletter to be publisher by community radio WFHB. The first issue will hit your LED screen on March 1st, that is, if you’re a subscriber.

Stay tuned for instructions on how to join the in-crowd. The WFHB interwebs machine geeks are working feverishly as we speak to add a Subscribe button to the station’s main web page. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s up.

Anyway, here’s the staff for the new publication:

  • Publisher: WFHB/Firehouse Broadcasting (Cleveland Dietz II, general manager)
  • Co-managing Editors: Carol Fisher & Maryll Jones
  • Marketing Manager & Designer: Karen Roszkowski
  • Copy Editor: Helen Harrell
  • Contributors: Helen Harrell & Michael G. Glab

There. Now cool your heels while we work on getting this thing out.

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  1. David Paglis "Cynicism gives the illusion of understanding." says:

    I think the Christie thing will blow over by the time we start thinking about Pres. politics. He is the Republican I like so far, although it would be fun if Jeb Bush were elected just to watch you guys go apeshit.

  2. Kudos on Firehouse News (great name!)

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