Hot Air II (Today’s Second Post)


There’s a rumor going around that Interim Principal Tammy Miller of Fairview Elementary is suspicious about the parent rumble that quashed her plans to segregate like achievers in each class at the school.

Cat Sculpture

The Fairview Pussycat

To refresh, Miller wanted to group the smart kids with other walking brains and the dumb kids with other terrorists and juvenile delinquents. See, that’s the way we saw things when kids were segregated by standardized test scores at my old elementary school.

And, since the kids of 2014 bear at least a little resemblance to those of 1965, their parents know that there’d be plenty of playground stereotyping going on if Miller’s plan went into effect.

So, they stamped their feet at an impromptu meeting last week and got Miller to withdraw her plan.

Here’s where the rumor mill kicks in. People are whispering that Miller believes some school system staffers might have lit the fire under the Fairview parents. The whisperers even go so far as to claim Miller has asked for certain staffers’ email records.

Golly gee, I’d hate to think a principal might stoop to such spook-like activities. Hell, if these rumors are true, you’d think Miller was working for the feds rather than the county.

In any case, I’ll try to get a statement out of Miller as soon as I can. In the meantime, keep in mind these are only rumors.

[BTW: I wrote that Fairview was on the East Side of our town last week. The inimitable Marc Haggerty corrected me; it’s on the West Side. Thanks, Marc.]

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