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The great state of Indiana comes in number one among the 50 states in terms of total poundage of toxic chemicals released into our waterways. The advocacy group Environment America released a study this month detailing our holy land’s dumping of dangerous crap into rivers, streams, and lakes.

Surprisingly — or perhaps not so surprisingly — the Hoosier State out-dumps even such environmental backwaters as Texas and Louisiana. See for yourself:

Environment America

From The Study, Wasting Our Waterways

Give us credit for working hard at fouling our drinking, bathing, and fishing waters: six of the 10 states on this list have greater populations than Indiana.

[h/t to Hondo Thompson.]

Digging For Fool’s Gold

We on the Left think we’re superior to the grunters, armpit scratchers, and mouth-breathers on the other side.

For instance, we laugh at and about those twin faux scandals — Benghazi and IRS-gate — that are to Republicans as fresh rhino feces is to a gang of dung beetles. The Right, we tell ourselves smugly, is so full of it. They’re just dying to make something out of these nothings. They’re trying and trying and trying, yet nothing of substance ever comes out of the countless congressional hearings (started by the GOP, natch) on the above-mentioned non-crimes.

We know they’re obsessed with these things solely because they want them to be high, impeachable infractions. Those on the Right are like nine-year-olds, stomping, begging, screeching, and pouting in hopes of getting Mom to let them play with daddy-o’s blow torch. It ain’t gonna happen but the kids are going to rave on nonetheless.

Oh, we’d never be so childish, so stupid. Would we?

We might. This Scott Walker scandal looks like a good place to start. Apparently the bete noir governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, and his peeps attempted to coordinate national conservative fundraising groups’ efforts to funnel cash into the Guv’s recall campaign back in 2012. In case you’ve forgotten, Democrats were outraged that Walker had governed the state pretty much exactly as he promised when running for office so they mounted a costly and eventually failed effort to oust him from his Madison manse.

Certain state prosecutors have banded together to say that Walker’s coordination of dollar-begging work violated campaign finance laws the states and the federal gov’t have instituted in an effort to convince the American people that dollars, god forbid, do not equal votes.

Oh, but they do. That’s a topic for another few thousand posts.

Anyway, my sisteren and bretheren on the Commie/Abortionist side of the political fence are salivating over the prospect of Walker being led away in handcuffs like Jordan Belfort. See, we couldn’t beat him in a regular election, we couldn’t oust him in an insanely-ill-advised recall election, so now maybe we can ice him by throwing him in jail.

From Daily Kos

Dem Porn

The investigation into campaign finance improprieties has been going on for two and a half years now. A state judge has found no probably cause for continuing the investigation. One federal judge has ordered the investigation halted twice under the Citizens United ruling. Another fed judge just last month found any legal proceedings in the case to be without basis. Still, the anti-Walker forces press on: they’ve taken the case to the US Seventh Court of Appeals.

Sheesh, the whole thing is starting to stink of Whitewater.

Kids, it ain’t gonna work. Let it go. Let’s focus our efforts on voting him out in November.

Oh, but that would take hard work: ringing doorbells, making phone calls, stuffing envelopes — you know, the kind of things those grunters, armpit scratchers, and mouth-breathers on the other side are good at.


3 thoughts on “Hot Air

  1. David Ray says:

    You must be thinking that that reverse psychology is actually going to get me to act on my beliefs and not just sit around pressing “like” and pumping hot air? err… well maybe…

  2. David Paglis "If you're not confused, you don't understand what is going on." -Charlie Munger says:

    Re the Scott Walker item. Nice job Mike. Fair and balanced, O’Reilly would be proud. Hmm, commie abortionist or mouth breathing armpit scratcher, life is full of choices.

  3. john bergman says:

    Re pollution in Indiana. Fiddling with the stated numbers makes it look both far better and far, far worse.
    Excluding Indiana’s concentrated industrial northwestern corner (which many people consider an extension of Chicago), how much pollution does the rest of the state dump into its waterways? Is agricultural runoff factored in? The reason I ask is this:

    Texas, #2 on the list, has approx.266,000 square miles. Divide that by its reported poundage and it comes out to about 62 pounds of pollution per square mile.

    Indiana, #1, has roughly 38,000 sq. miles of territory, and its pollution per square mile is a whopping 467 lbs.!

    The Wabash doesn’t seem THAT slimy; the water off Gary does. Which only matters if one is looking to focus efforts to get the biggest bang for the buck.

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