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Big Mike Update

In case you haven’t noticed*, I’m taking some time off.

[*I highly doubt my absence has gone unnoticed; I hear certain local churches are open around the clock for Pencillistas to hold vigils while I’m on hiatus, and the Bloomington City Council meets in emergency session as we speak to determine what to do as the Pencil remains dark.]

Honestly, I haven’t been at all happy with the topics and my treatment thereof in any of the attempts I’ve made at posting the last few days. As always, I figure it’s better for me to spare you from substandard blathering than it is for me to maintain some phonus-balonus record of publishing every day.

So, I’ll be back. Count on it. If you don’t see a post in these precincts by Sunday, send someone out to Pencil world HQ to check my pulse.

Don Cornelius

Peace, Love & Soul

One thought on “Hot Air

  1. David Paglis " not of that number who remain ignorant in spite of experience." says:

    Angela Davis and Don Cornelius had the coolest Afros. Enjoy your break big boy.

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