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Don’t Leave Me This Way

It’s almost hard for me to convey how much this story pleases me. Acc’d’g to a WBIW-TV report yesterday, Bedford police found a man tied to a tree behind a motel.

The man told the cops he’d lashed himself to the flora because he thought he’d been engaged in a sexual escapade with an unnamed partner. That person never showed up.

BTW: the man was not naked, nor were any appendages on display other than, I suppose, his arms and hands — if he was wearing short sleeves — and his legs if he was wearing shorts. Those are legally exposed appendages, as we all know. Certain others are not.

So, a guy’d been walking along the railroad tracks near where the poor fellow was tied to the tree. The guy — a hobo, perhaps? — called the cops. Bedford’s finest freed the man and, lo and behold, they released him without charge because, well, he’d violated no laws.

The Bedford police chief, Dennis Parsley, was the TV station’s source for the story.

There is so much to love in this report that I almost feel sad because it’ll be a long, long time before another news tidbit tickles me so much.


That’s it for today. It’s Labor Day weekend. Let’s all do nothing. A lot of people dared to oppose factory owners, hired thugs, the police, the state and federal governments, and even the US Army just so we could enjoy things like weekends. Let’s make sure their sacrifices weren’t in vain.

Unions. Of course.



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