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I’ve Got So Much To Say!

Oh man, oh man, oh man! If it weren’t for my book project, you know I’d be banging away at the Electron Pencil keyboard until my fingers were bleeding.


  • Muslim extremists murder twelve cartoonists for being rude
  • A white man sets off a bomb at the Colorado Springs NAACP office
  • A bunch of families are giddy as all hell that their god somehow prevented them from flying on AirAsia Flight 8501 — it’s a miracle, they’re saying
  • The Indiana Legislature will consider a bill allowing business owners to discriminate against LGBTQ’s in the name of religious freedom
  • The City of Bloomington will not pick up garbage tomorrow because it’s too cold out
  • Scientists have determined that a series of earthquakes in Ohio in March, 2014 was caused by fracking
  • The new Republican-led Congress will take up cutting food stamps and Social Security

Yeesh, I’ve gotta stop or else I’ll start blogging right here and now!

Stayed tuned, kiddies, the book project is coming along nicely and I’ll be back screeching and pontificating here before you know it.

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