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So, the two frontrunners for the Democratic nomination for mayor of Bloomington are digging in for real now. City Council member Darryl Neher — who carries the blessing of outgoing Boss Mark Kruzan — has been having intense, sotto voce tête à têtes with citizens in public places here and there, including The Pencil’s very own back office, Soma Coffee. For his part, John Hamilton is holding house parties all over town.


A Hamilton House Party

In fact, JH asked me the other evening if I might be interested in hosting a house part for him. His shoulders sagged when I informed him I live right outside the city limits.

Politicians in this megalopolis are learning that the Big Mike imprimatur is worth ten times more than an eight-figure TV ad budget. (Yeah, I know there are no commercial TV stations here in B-ton, but still….)


Anyway, were I a voting Bloomingtonian, I might be very interested in hosting a Hamilton soiree. I’d pack the house and, unbeknownst to JH, I’d invite Neher too. When Hamilton’s rival would arrive I’d say, “Okay boys, go at it.”

What fun! A mayoral debate right in my living room. I’m sure Steve and Sally the Dogs would contribute to the resulting mayhem.

(BTW: How ’bout me using three foreign language idioms, commonly used in English, within the space of three grafs? I bragged to Cecily, my sports editor pal Chandler’s squeeze who happened to be sitting next to me, that I’d done it. She said, “So you want people to think you’re smart?” “No,” I said, “smart-assed.”)

The Dem primary is May 5th. Consider that, for all intents and purposes, the day Bloomington chooses its next mayor.

And Another Thing….

I went to the Monroe County Clerk’s voting info website to find the exact date of the 2015 primary. The only info it carried had to do with the 2014 and 2013 elections.

Personal to whomever runs the site: That’s so last year (and the year before), savvy?

So, okay, I scrolled down to the Election Board’s calendar of events and checked the month of May. No date jumped out at me although there was a notation for a “Holiday Closing” on Tuesday, May 5th. What the hell holiday is May 5th? I clicked the date and found — mirabile dictu — it’s primary election day!

Monroe County Clerk

Personal (again) to whomever runs the site: I was under the impression we wanted to make it a tad easier for people to vote, ‘kay?

Tradition Lovers

Burnings at the stake? Beheadings?

Y’gotta say this for ISIS — they’re old school all the way.

A True Star

Stand-up comedian, memoirist, civil rights activist, anti-war protester, and all around fascinating guy Dick Gregory got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame earlier this week.


Dick Gregory

He’s 82 years old now. When a Variety reporter asked him why it took so long to get his star, Gregory — as always — pulled no punches:

You know damn good and well why it took so long. I’ve been a bad boy.

Yes he has. Let Dick Gregory‘s life serve as a reminder that thousands of his brand of “bad boys” are just what a corrupt, inequitable, hate-laden society needs.

Oh hey, Dick Gregory’s greatest line? This:

… so I picked up that chicken and I kissed it.

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