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Uncaged Matches

So, if the Bloomington mayoral race hasn’t driven you batty enough yet and you want even more, more, more, the candidates will square off in a total of seven debates and forums between now and the primary, May 5th.

Here they are:

My advice to you? Ignore phone calls from candidates’ campaigns. Ignore push poll calls. Do yourself a favor and give up a couple of hours of your TV watching time to attend one of these exercises in democracy. Early voting begins Monday, April 6th. That’s only a tad more than three weeks away so start making up your mind.

If this sounds preachy, it’s only because it is.

Taking The High Road

Friday was a banner day in this year’s Bloomington mayoral campaign. I finally met a person who’s supporting maverick candidate John Linnemeier. The two of us stood in the rain outside City Hall yesterday afternoon as he explained why Linnemeier was the only rational choice in the primary. The two front-runners, Darryl Neher and John Hamilton, he said, are nothing more than tools of the powers that be. Linnemeier, he continued, is a Vietnam vet so he knows a thing or two about this mad, mad, mad, mad world.

I’m willing to bet some Pencillistas know precisely who this fellow is.

For his part, Linnemeier announced Thursday his secret weapon that he’s certain will gain him victory in the May 5th primary.

That is: Pot.


Linnemeier Drums Up Votes

Yup. Linnemeier rolled out his Decriminalize Marijuana strategy by registering student voters at IU’s Sample Gates. He told me Wednesday that it’s a sure-fire winning gambit. He figures if he can register 5000 students, they’ll all vote and elect him the Democratic candidate for mayor in the November election against Republican John Turnbull.

And wouldn’t that be a rollicking contest!

I’m guessing the voting citizenry of B-ton would need lots of pot to appreciate the debates and forums featuring those two.

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