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Pencillistas, tragically, have been clutching their throats and gasping for oxygen the way proto-land animals did a billion or two years ago when they first emerged from the primordial soup. That’s because this beacon of knowledge and yuks has been silent since last week.


[Image: Chris Smith]

I’m on a real writing bender these days, pounding out the first draft of the Charlotte Zietlow book.

Truth be told, despite rioting in Baltimore, the US Supreme Court mulling the future of same-sex marriage, a devastating earthquake in Nepal, refugee boats overturning, and sundry other traumas and sadnesses, I’ll be absent from these precincts for the very foreseeable future, clacking away at my keyboard while the clacking is good.

Natch, I’ve got plenty to pontificate about right now but I’ve gotta be somewhat disciplined, elsewise I’ll never get the Zietlow tale committed to this 13.3-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit glossy widescreen display with support for millions of colors.

So, loyal followers of this nonsense’ll just have to get along w/o me for the nonce. [Hah.]

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Don’t Miss This

Here’s yet another direction to follow. Tomorrow night head straight to Bear’s Place at 7 o’clock to catch the next installment of Nell Weatherwax’s Storyzilla shebang.

N.W. is the master-ess — Mistress? Nah, that sounds weird — of the story performance genre in these parts. You say you’ve never been to one of her monthly extravaganzas? Then you can get in for half-price (tix are $10.00 — $5.00 for -Zilla-virgins).


Weatherwax (L) And January Storyteller Carrie Newcomer

What a lineup this Nell-dame has assembled for this month’s Work It!-themed show. Labor guy Joe Varga, fashionista McKee Woods, and canary Krista Detor will share their stories, as will — as always — Weatherwax herself. And if that isn’t enow,  how’s about some music by singer w/ a guitar Rikki Jean as well as the terpischoral stylings of Darrelyn Valdez and the Triple Threat Dancers?

Go to Bear’s Place. Have fun.

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