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So, even though I painted both Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush with the broadest of possible brushes in my previous post, be it known I will vote for her should the 2106 race come down to those two. Hell, I’ll vote twice or three times for her. Or is that frowned upon in this neck of the woods?

Anyway, there are gazillions of great reasons for me to fill in the Dem box on my ballot — not even counting my four-decade old pledge never to vote for the GOP until the party endorses the Equal Rights Amendment. The biggest reason is the Supreme Court. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, no matter how feisty and spry she appears, ain’t gonna live forever. Nor will Antonin Scalia. And any of the other old birds on this holy land’s highest bench just might up and keel over any day. I want a Democrat selecting any and all successors, thank you.

Here’s another good reason: On Wednesday, the FCC announced it will fine AT&T Mobility $100 million for, essentially, defrauding its customers. See, the wireless provider had promised unlimited data transfer speeds to its customers who signed up for such things but then, unannounced, started slowing down their data speeds once the customers reached a certain threshold. So, if you were an AT&T Mobility unlimited customer and you’re usage went over the co.’s line, suddenly your video and GPS downloads would start taking an eternity to come in.



That’s like your local gas station advertising regular for $2.89 a gallon but as soon as you pump three gallons into your tank, the gas would start trickling while the amount-to-pay readout would still whirl along. That’s fraud. That’s bait and switch. That’s a crime. Whatever you call it, the FCC under Tom Wheeler is calling AT&T Mobility‘s bluff. And punishing it hard.


The key thing here is Wheeler was nominated to his position by Barack Obama and then confirmed in 2013. And he’s a Democrat. Can you imagine what would happen had old Mitt Romney installed one of his cronies in Wheeler’s chair?

Nothing, that’s what.


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  1. Carolyn VandeWiele says:

    I don’t know big Mike… 2 electron pencils today without a single mention that Kyle Schwarber is being called up to the Cubs for a limited series…..

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