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Kill Joy

If anything of value can emerge from the South Carolina church shooting Wednesday, it’s the sheer entertainment we’ve gotten from the Wingnut Right’s reaction to it.

I mean, imagine how flummoxed the Fox News et al crowd has to be over this terrorist attack. Nine blacks (the American equivalent of one-half a 22-year-old suburban blonde) are killed by a white boy gun fondler whose beef against them is they represent the bestial horde that’s raping Cauc. women and “taking over” this holy land. Honestly, in the bizarro world of the Far Right, is this even a crime? Hell, the porcelain dolls who pass for news commentators on Fox and other ultra-conservative media outlets are hammering away at these grievances every day anyway.

So, while the sane among us were decrying this white supremacist attack, the Fox/Far Right people were dithering over its meaning. Golly no, it wasn’t a racial attack, a number of them bleated; it was…, um, er, more of an attack on Christianity — yeah, that’s the ticket! And the little loon who pulled the trigger wasn’t enabled by our devil-may-care gun laws; in fact, some “wits” proffered, the whole shebang wouldn’t even have gone down if the parishioners had been packing heat themselves, as should all god-fearing, Murrica-loving, primarily pale-skinned citizens.

Fox News

For nearly two full days, the Goebbels wing of the know-nothing crowd seemed nauseatingly (albeit explicably) muted about the attack. That is, until this AM when South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley finally found a reason to shout about it.

Perhaps it occurred to her as she showered. I know many of my own epiphanies come upon me as I lather up. However it happened, Haley realized she and the state could kill the kid.

How exciting! Haley announced that, goddamn yes, the sovereign state of So. Car. would indeed seek the death penalty when the kid goes on trial.


A Ray Of Sunshine

See? Now the Fox-ers and their ilk can get all het up over this…, er, um, little incident.

2 thoughts on “Hot Air

  1. Susan Sandberg says:

    Nikki Haley was refusing to take any responsibility for any of this last night as she was being interviewed. She cries, she prays, she bemoans the tragedy of such violence happening in a sacred House of God, and yet….she blames the kid. Only the kid. Not the American society with its love affair with guns and property rights over human life, not her damned stars and bars that proudly fly over her Statehouse, not her conservative ideology that cuts funding for schools and social services, not the hateful bigot racists in her Deep South, not the lethal mix of guns and ignorance…only the screwed up kid. Yeah, I’m not listening to Nikki Haley today, she won’t be leading us out of this mess. She’ll only pray. Keep praying America, keep praying Governor Haley….while your ignorant, neglected, bigoted children kill us. Sorry, all, I’m a little raw today.

  2. Mari token conservative from WI says:

    Loved your comment on the Fox News girls. My granddaughter told me to put on my channel with all the pretty girls. It turned out to be Fox News. She likes to fall asleep to it for her nap.

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