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So, I used Apple Dictation yesterday during an interview with Charlotte Zietlow. It works, sort of the way a Roomba works if you’re trying to clean house.


…And It’s Perfect For Windows, Range Tops And Sinks!

I start a recorded interview session with an identifying header, stating who’s present, day and time, and location. As I was doing this yesterday, I could see that the Pages document was automatically adding text on the screen. Cool. Looked like the thing was working. This morning, I started reading through the dictation text to see how well it did. Here’s what it gave me:

Wednesday July 29, 2015 at about 1:30 PM at Sharland it blows house Michael glad and Charlotte zip blow.

Hey, great. Works perfectly.

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  1. Catryna Loos says:

    Good one !! Hahahahahaha

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