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Yesterday, natch, was one of the greatest days of my life.

Learning all my tumors have been shrunk to near nothingness and what little le sueur peas that do remain exhibit no undue metabolic activity has changed my life in a way that I’m tempted to describe as miraculous.

For the first time since I was diagnosed with cancer back in the fall, I possess a future once again.

There is tomorrow. There is next year. There is the year 2030. With luck and careful management of this decrepit wreck I call my body, I’ll still be alive tomorrow, next year, and even 14 years from now.

I feel young again.

Fortunately, yesterday and today have been spectacularly beautiful days, the sun shining, temps around 80, the sky deep blue, mottled with fleecy white clouds — just like those in one of Georgia O’Keeffe’s cloudscapes. At one point I pulled over and simply sat in my car just so I could stare at the sky. It filled me with the type of frisson I recall from my days as a carefree, careless teenager when I could experience pure joy.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 11.12.37 AM

O’Keeffe’s Clouds

For the first time in months and months, I didn’t worry I was dying of cancer.

Because I’m not. At least not right now. That’s all I’ve got and it’s plenty.

And Now, The Election

Sure, I’d have been happier with a candidate who wasn’t so head over heels in love with the Goldman Sachs hoodlums. And yeah, I would have loved for Bernie to be a more viable candidate for prez. Hell, I voted for the guy in the Indiana primary, primarily because I wanted to endorse his overall platform.

But Hillary is the first goddamned female candidate to gain her major party’s nomination for president. I’m thrilled to pieces with that.

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I’ll simply table my harsh criticisms of her until she inevitably finagles legislation to keep our nation’s capital in the hands of degenerate gambler banksters. Don’t worry; I’ll rip her to shreds as she deserves it.

Bernie’s sticking in the race and I’m okay with that. He should go into the convention with a full head of steam and use that leverage to get as many of his ideas and proposals onto the party’s plank as he can. Happily, Hillary in her coronation/glass ceiling speech last night acknowledged that Bernie inspired debate that was “very good for the Democratic Party and for America.”

Now let’s knock off the debate and get behind his very progressive economic and social agenda.

I’d prefer not to have a corporatist as the Dem standard-bearer but I’ll have to make do with what I’ve got. I can only hope the majority of Bernie’s backers swallow their pride and jump on the Hillary bandwagon. The very idea that Donald Trump has a hair’s-breadth chance of becoming the Grand Dragon-in-Chief of this holy land scares the living bejesus out of me. Hillary’s going to need all the votes, all the support, she can muster to make sure we don’t wind up in Trump hell come Nov.

A certain percentage of Sanders cultists will hold their breath until they turn blue and refuse to vote in the election as long as their boy isn’t on the ballot. Some will even vote for Trump, which is madness. But cultists are prone to madness.

Even after Hillary took California yesterday, some Bernie people are still claiming the entire primary process is “fixed,” this despite the fact that Bernie himself was more than happy with Dem primary rules until this year. To hear some Sanders true believers tell it, Hillary is the capo of a criminal enterprise whose tentacles reach far into government, financial institutions, think tanks, academia, and the mainstream media. Witness their certainty that somehow the Hillary campaign forced or directed or conned the Associated Press into making its Monday pronouncement that she’d passed the delegate minimum needed for the nom.

Funny how this woman, purportedly running such an effective, all-powerful political mafia, couldn’t seem to  overcome a near-unknown in 2008 and even this year was unable to beat a self-described Democratic Socialist in so many state contests.

Then again, cultists seem to enjoy seeing the rest of the world unified against them in grandiose, science-fictional conspiracies.

My fondest hope is that Bernie’s cultists are far fewer in number than their loud voices might indicate.

June 8th Birthdays

Alicia Boole Stott — Irish mathematician who specialized in four-dimensional geometry. Here’s a video explaining the fourth dimension. If, after watching it, you aren’t suffering a crushing headache, you possess a greater intellect than I do.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 12.28.39 PM

Frank Lloyd Wright — Perhaps the greatest American architect. His Johnson Wax headquarters in Racine, Wisconsin, is a marvel of innovation, spareness, and lightness. Wright was a notorious philanderer and lost one of his mistresses when a servant at his Taliesin studio axe-murdered her and six other people.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 12.34.10 PM

Eddie Gaedel — Born with dwarfism, Gaedel gained fame when St. Louis Browns owner Bill Veeck signed him to a one-day contract and sent him up as a pinch-hitter in a 1951 game. He went to the plate carrying a toy souvenir bat and walked on four pitches. He was the shortest player ever to appear in a Major League Baseball game.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 12.37.30 PM

William Calley — A symbol of America’s ill-concieved misadventure in Vietnam, Calley, a US Army lieutenant, was convicted of the murder of 22 civilians in the My Lai massacre. His superiors, who may have ordered him to kill the civilians, as well as those who covered up the atrocity, were never brought to justice.

Lt. William Calley arrives for his court martial in 1971 at Fort Benning, Georgia. (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer/MCT)

Scott Adams — Creator of “Dilbert.” Historically a supporter of Republican candidates, Adams has jocularly endorsed Hillary Clinton for president because she has equated Donald Trump with “nuclear disaster, racism, Hitler, the Holocaust, and whatever else makes you tremble in fear.” Should Trump win the election, Adams reasons, he (Adams) would be a likely target for assassination because of his previous support for the Hitler-like character.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 12.42.03 PM

Rob Pilatus — Member of the lip-synching duo, Milli Vanilli, Pilatus descended into drug abuse and deep depression after the act’s charade was exposed. Pilatus died of an alcohol and prescription drug overdose during a 1998 comeback tour in Germany.


Milli Vanilli: Fab Morvan & Rob Pilatus (R)

Gabrielle Giffords — Lucky to be alive, Gabby Giffords was shot in the head by a psychotic gunman at a 2011 appearance in a Tucson grocery store parking lot. At the time a member of the US House representing the southeast Arizona district, she survived the shooting, suffering brain damage leading to language difficulties and reduced vision in both eyes. The attack resulted in absolutely no new gun control legislation.


On this date in 1874, Cochise died. The leader of the Chokonen group of the Chiricahua Apache, he was a successful general in the sporadic Apache wars against European invaders in the American Southwest. The Apache guerrilla style of warfare worked to their advantage until the Battle of Apache Pass in 1862, when the US Army used wagon-mounted artillery against a Cochise-led army of 500 men. He later wrote, “My people were winning the fight until you fired your wagons at us.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 12.58.58 PM

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