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Let’s Be Reasonable

Y’know, all this talk comparing D. Trump to A. Hitler is terribly unfair — at least the Führer had enough intelligence to write his own book.

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High Hopes

Kudos to Cory, Michelle, Sens. Warren & Franken. Bernie Sanders comes out in full-throat to support Hillary. All great things. Let’s hope corporate media doesn’t decide to fixate on the booing some tantrum-y Bernie-ites masturbatorially engaged in last night inside and outside the arena.

So far, so good

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Cathi’s CommuniquesScreen Shot 2016-07-26 at 7.09.14 AM

This, at about 11;45 last night, just after Bernie’s thrilling speech.

Atmosphere was not good in the hall tonight.

And then her communications devices ran out of juice. She — as well as her phones, pads, and other connections to the universe — should be recharged this AM. More to come.

Bernie Backer

CC’s traveling pal, Jeanne Smith, OTOH, must have been swooning over Bernie’s oration. Beforehand, though, journalists of many stripes and and nationalities swooned and swarmed her for her views:

Today I was interviewed by a French journalist, a Chinese one, NPR, and some unknown radio station. I was invited to film a Colbert skit tomorrow.

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Media Darling

Conspiracy Theory #googol

Do you buy the story that the Russians hacked the DNC’s computers and intentionally released the emails that humiliated the Party and its outgoing chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz last week?


I don’t.

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